Infinity Templates


Infinity uses templates to determine various effects on models or defining particular areas of the table. Just like many table top wargames. There are a number of manufacturers out there that produce templates for Infinity, both official partners to Corvus Belli and not those not endorsed by CB. Here is a few retailers, in no particular order:

Corvus Belli themselves supplies templates to print free. You can print out templates and markers from the Downloads section of the Infinity website. Also if you bought one of the large starter sets such as Operation Icestorm you’ll have some card stock templates. While the US Ariadna Army Pack came with a card circular template and both sizes of teardrop templates. Card is perfectly fine, but it’s more useful to have a more durable set of templates. So I thought I would design my own set of templates and get them laser cut by Cog ‘O’ Two.

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Infinity: Mayacast’s Link Teams Episodes


As a new comer to Infinity I have been keeping things simple for myself playing with a vanilla Panoceanic force. For two reasons really:

1, only playing with painted models, which as you can see from this blog is a slow process for me 😉

2, as I have been using a limited set of models it has kept learning the game rules pretty straight forward. As the number of special rules interactions has been kept to a minimum.

Now I have gained some confidence with the basic rules I am looking to expand out from vanilla Pano lists, and I am itching to paint some of the other gorgeous models in the Infinity range. The most obvious way to do this is to pick a Sectorial Army to play. This gives a limited set of models to pick from (for collecting purposes 😉 )and introduces the link team rules.

One of the Infinity related podcasts I listen to, Mayacast, has just finished a series of episodes covering the link teams available to each Sectorial list.

As there are quite a few Sectorial lists and hence a large number of different link teams I thought I’d  post up the timestamps for each Sectorial in each episode in case others are interested in listening to the Sectorial list of their choice. Continue reading

Infinity: Pinning the wings on an angel – Seraph


This was my hobby Christmas present from my wife and son, and what a cool present it was too. It is a great model, and I was pretty eager to get it built and see what it looked like. However I didn’t get very far with that over the holiday period and have only just got it assembled this week. Mostly because of lack of hobby time but I was also wondering how I was going to secure the wings on the model as there isn’t much contact area for glue, and not a whole lot of metal to pin in to. This article is about how I pinned the wings on the Seraph.

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Infinity: When a Ninja got stuck up the chimney

An Infinity Yu Jing Ninja With Tactical Bow Conversion


This was a Christmas present for my mate Steve, and this post is how I went about converting the model. Steve got me in to Infinity at the start of the year, and has a Yu Jing JSA force himself. There currently isn’t a Ninja model available armed with a Tactical Bow in the Infinity range, so I thought I’d convert one for him. Continue reading