Infinity: Mayacast’s Link Teams Episodes


As a new comer to Infinity I have been keeping things simple for myself playing with a vanilla Panoceanic force. For two reasons really:

1, only playing with painted models, which as you can see from this blog is a slow process for me 😉

2, as I have been using a limited set of models it has kept learning the game rules pretty straight forward. As the number of special rules interactions has been kept to a minimum.

Now I have gained some confidence with the basic rules I am looking to expand out from vanilla Pano lists, and I am itching to paint some of the other gorgeous models in the Infinity range. The most obvious way to do this is to pick a Sectorial Army to play. This gives a limited set of models to pick from (for collecting purposes 😉 )and introduces the link team rules.

One of the Infinity related podcasts I listen to, Mayacast, has just finished a series of episodes covering the link teams available to each Sectorial list.

As there are quite a few Sectorial lists and hence a large number of different link teams I thought I’d  post up the timestamps for each Sectorial in each episode in case others are interested in listening to the Sectorial list of their choice. Continue reading