Throughout my blog you’ll find links to various products. This page is about me being open and honest in why I have chosen the retail sites I have linked to.

Zinge Ind Bullets MKIII

Zinge Industries is ran by a couple of guys that are members of my games club CACK. Hence I can whole heartedly recommend using them, both from a personal point of view and a product point of view. I have an ever increasing bag of their products because they keep bringing out new stuff that I think will be perfect for the conversion in my head at the time. I just never get round to finishing the conversion, but the stuff I do own of theirs is good, and the quality of cast is excellent. I can point you in the direction of another small casting house that I won’t buy from again because of the “quality” of product I received. So my opinion is not completely biased! 😉

Other than knowing the guys involved I have no affiliation with Zinge Industries and get no commission from linking to their site.


As of October 2015 I have started using Element Games’ affiliation scheme, and that’s the reason I felt this page on my blog was necessary. What this means is that each link from my site that goes to element games can be tracked back to me, and if you purchase a product using that link I will get a small percentage in commission.

It isn’t much, and I don’t believe there is a lot of traffic visiting my site, but every little helps (both monetary and motivationally). So if you want to buy a product I have linked to, please use the link on my blog. Thanks.

Even cheekier here is my element crystals referral code “DAV615“, use that and we’ll both earn extra EG crystals.

In the interest of fairness, I have also spent a substantial amount of my hobby money over the years with the following online retailers, and have no problems recommending them to people based on my experience using them. I have no affiliation with the following retailers and get no commission from linking to their sites.

Element_FBpic   FirestormGames_FBpic   Outpost_FBpic

I have used other online retailers, but I keep coming back to the above 3 because I have found their customer service to be second to none.


Speaking of small casting houses: I cast my own bases. I have been asked in the past if I’ll sell them but have never got round to setting myself up for doing so. That said if you want some of my bases get in touch and we’ll see if we can come to an arrangement.