Gaming At Rogue Games

Today I introduced my son to something new, the local games store! This is something that has recently opened up in Leyland; Rogue Games, and its only five or so minutes from home. I have only really just started using it. Its a really nice shop, nice and clean with a modern open plan feel to it.

I’d finished work early and as the Mrs was off out to celebrate her friend’s birthday, me and the lad got out from under her feet while she was getting ready. I took Josh down to Rogue Games with some X-Wing models, hoping we’d be able to play a game.

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What a piece of junk! Weathering the Millennium Falcon

Fantasy Flight Games Falcon box art

I’ve had family staying over for a little while, so things have been a little busy for much on the hobby front. My youngest nephew is 10, so to entertain both him and my son (and lets be honest – myself), I broke out the good old X-Wing Miniatures game. While we were playing that on the kitchen table my sis-in-law, niece and wife were all colouring in. My sister in law is big into colouring in, and had inspired my wife to start it up again. So what I am I telling you all this for, well, it reminded me of a forum post that I had been meaning to have a go at doing for quite a while (as you’ll see from the forum dates) – using colouring pencils to weather the Falcon.

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What’s the strangest thing your wife has caught you doing?

What’s the strangest thing your wife has caught you doing? Wargaming hobby related of course!

I am sure I am not the only one to have cut my finger with a craft knife, or stabbed myself with a pin vice, or even super glued a couple of fingers together*. This sort of thing usually ends up amusing the wife in some way, if she finds out. However over the weekend I achieved a new level of the standard wifely exclamation:

“What on earth have you been doing?!”

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X-Wing Repaint: Firespray-31

Repainting the Firespray-31

X-Wing is a fantastic game, easy to learn, hard to master, and part of its appeal is fully painted models. They are not bad either, I am more than happy with fielding them straight out of the box, and they look great on the table top.


This is me we are talking about here, and I like to tinker. So this is my first attempt at repainting a stock model, and I am going to repaint one of my favourite models in the game, the Firespray-31.

I just want a different looking Firespray-31, really that is all there is to it. I am very tempted to paint it to look like Kath Scarlet’s ship, but I really want to try some new techniques for me, and I am not sure I’ll be able to pull such a complex paint scheme off.

  • I want to try some different sorts of weathering than I have used before.
  • I want to use my airbrush as much as I can.
  • I also want to try some OSL (Object Source Lighting) effects.

Here is the inspiration for my first X-Wing repaint; Fantasy Flight Games’ artwork for Kath Scarlet’s Firespray.


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X-Wing: Acronym and Jargon Busting

“Understand you must, if a great X-Wing pilot, you will be”


When you are browsing the X-Wing related forums it becomes immediately clear that squad building seems to have a language all of its own. As a casual player I find this a bit annoying but I guess this is mostly because it takes me a little longer to understand what the original author is talking about, and usually requires me looking through some cards (and this thread is useful for that).

This is my attempt to try and both help you and myself out a little by trying to compile a list of all the acronyms and jargon.

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