Dark Angels Legion #7

I was up early Saturday morning, sadly it wasn’t excitement of the new box arriving or the drive to finish painting my squad, but a trapped nerve in my shoulder I did a week ago. Still up I was, and so I took the opportunity to paint the Dark Angels (its my left arm that’s causing issues, I’m right handed, and the gentle manipulation of holding a model while painting it has actually helped keep the pain at bay – lucky eh!). First job was to finish off the bases, which I outlined in my last post. Then I moved on to the eye lens.

  1. I gave a the lens a base coat of VMC Ice Yellow, leaving a black border around the lens as best as possible.
  2. Using Citadel Blazing Orange (probably ~25year old paint pot – its a thin bright orange) I painted the pale base coat orange.
  3. I used a thin red ink (Scale 75 Inktense Red) to try and shade the lens a little.
  4. Tried my best to dot the lens with Ice Yellow.

After doing this I realised that the silver armour trim could do with a little highlighting. I used a nice bright silver, VMA Silver, to pick out the edges on the trim. I concentrated only on the head and front of the shoulder pads, and the two bands on top of the back pack. This was for speed, and because the head and immediate surrounding area are the focal point of the model. I tried a random criss-cross pattern to go along the edges trying to create a battle worn edge rather than a pristine edge highlight.

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Dark Angels Legion #6

Did you pre-order ‘Horus Heresy: The Age of Darkness boxed set’? Have you had a dispatch note to say its shipped? Is it arriving tomorrow eek later today? Did you set yourself a target of painting a tactical squad and transport before the new box arrives? If you answer yes to all these, perhaps you’re in the same boat as me?

Previously I mentioned that I had completely messed up placing a decal on the shoulder of my test marine. I ended up free-handing a tactical marking on the right shoulder pad. This left me pondering if I should now freehand the remaining 9 marines’ shoulder pads, or risk trying the decals again. I procrastinated long and hard over this issue – as is typical for me – to the point where its ‘Heresy Eve’ and my tactical squad isn’t finished! Panic was setting in, a decision needed to be made… freehand work or decal work. The freehand won, so it was time to break out the big guns.

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Dark Angels Legion #5

As I mentioned in my previous post, I managed to grab some hobby time on Sunday to continue painting the tactical squad and Aion Advancer. The tactical squad had all the trim and various gubbins painted VMA Gun Metallic. While the highlights on the armour were applied with Scale 75 Arphen Jade, followed by VMC Ice Yellow. I quite like how they look at this stage, except that they aren’t black enough for me here for what I am aiming for with the Dark Angels.

Before I glued the shoulder pads in place I finished off the white Dark Angel logo. This was painted in 4 steps.

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Dark Angels Legion #4

With the release of the Horus Heresy 2nd edition box rapidly approaching I really needed to sit down and get some paint on my tactical squad and transport if i wanted them painted before new stuff turned up! So I sat down and did some painting Friday night, I managed to get the first of the squad nearly finished.

This particular marine is the squad’s pathfinder, taking one for the team and working out how to paint them up. Following on from their green-black airbrush session, they were highlighted with Scale 75 Arphen Jade, with a final sharp highlight of VMC Ice Yellow.

With the green armour done, I quickly finished the trim with a gun metal silver, and glued the shoulder pads in place. The white DA symbol was based in a dark grey, then a medium grey, white grey and a pure white (I’ll detail that better in a later post).

The model was hit with a gloss varnish in preparation for a black oil wash. But before the black wash i needed to add the decal to the model’s right shoulder pad. This is where disaster struck and I made a right mess of placing the decal, and then subsequently made a bigger mess trying to get it off.

But we carried on and got this this stage on Saturday morning, having waited for the gloss varnish to dry some more before applying the oil wash.

I managed to get more painting done on Sunday, but that’s for the next post.

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Dark Angels Legion #2

After being a little disappointed my my attempt at a subtle black/green in my previous post I decided to have another go. As the models were pretty much black anyway I didn’t waste any time going back to black. I went straight in with a white pre-highlight using the airbrush. This time I made sure to go brighter with my white airbrushing. Achieving a strong contrast in miniature painting is key to making a good looking mini.

As you can see I revisited the Aion Advancer too. With a white pre-highlight going right up to a pure white on the highest points it was time to go green-black. I mixed Contrast Templar Black with Constrast Dark Angel Green in a 2:1 ratio, and airbrushed that mix over the white. Below is a side by side of the newly painted green-black armour compared to a black undercoated mini.

At this point I am now wondering if I could have achieved this with a simple dark green airbrush, without faffing with the white and contrast paint mix. Still, I have what I wanted, and by the time I’m finished it should be darker again.

Next task is to get silver painted on to the trim of the mkIII armour, and some details of the tank. You can see the tank got some panels painted red, I think some white checker decals are going to look great on those. Hopefully i’ll make more progress over teh course of the week – i hope to have these dudes completed before HH2.0 arrives on my doorstep*.

Thanks for reading – here is the usual affiliated links paragraph. If you’d like to support the blog, please consider making your own hobby purchases through one of the affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything, I just get a little commission which helps pay the WordPress fees etc. You can click the links below or the webstore banners on the site.

Element Games (get double element crystals using code DAV615), and The Outpost.

*I absolutely pre-ordered Saturday morning, did you? 😉

Dark Angels Legion #1

Well Horus Heresy Age of Darkness second edition is just around the corner. Its spurred me on to actually start doing something with the models I’ve been slowly collecting in my WH30K pile of shame. Yes I know, the standard pile is so large I’ve been sub-dividing it to make it seem smaller and more manageable. This particular pile manifested itself a few years ago now with the acquisition of an unbuilt out of production Cerastus Assault Ram, but really took off with the release of the Dark Angels special units and the Lion himself.

So what was the first models I decided to work on? The gorgeous Inner Circle Knights Cenobium terminators? or the tasty Interemptors? Nope, I’ve started with the basic troops, a simple 10 man tactical squad in Mk III armour. If I ever end up playing HH then I’m going to need some basic troop choices. It also means I can afford to screw up the paint job/scheme on the less expensive models.

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Painting Jeanne d’Arc and the Harlequins 6 Infinity Event

I’ve done some painting!!!

Yes, I’ve picked up a brush pretty much everyday this last week, for the first time since I guess November/December. The reason? I entered an Infinity tournament.

What did I paint? Well actually, I finished off a single model I started ages ago. I had used her at the ‘Northern Open 5’ event in Leeds back in May 2016. But she was only painted up to what I would barely call a basic table top standard for me, i.e. she had at least 3 different colours on her and was based to pass as painted.

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October Infinity Update

Today’s blog post is less about painting progress and more about painting anticipation. I’m excited because I pre-ordered myself a copy of “Painting Miniatures from A to Z, Masterclass Volume 2” by Ángel Giráldez today.


When I first started dabbling with Infinity at the start of 2015 I pre-ordered Volume 1. If you look at my other painted models on this blog I think you’ll see that pre-infinity I had a fairly dark painting style, especially in my choice of colours. Infinity with its bright clean look seemed rather daunting. So when I realised there was a painting guide being produced by Corvus Belli’s in house painter, I figured a look behind the scenes would be an excellent idea. Continue reading