Dark Angels Legion #2

After being a little disappointed my my attempt at a subtle black/green in my previous post I decided to have another go. As the models were pretty much black anyway I didn’t waste any time going back to black. I went straight in with a white pre-highlight using the airbrush. This time I made sure to go brighter with my white airbrushing. Achieving a strong contrast in miniature painting is key to making a good looking mini.

As you can see I revisited the Aion Advancer too. With a white pre-highlight going right up to a pure white on the highest points it was time to go green-black. I mixed Contrast Templar Black with Constrast Dark Angel Green in a 2:1 ratio, and airbrushed that mix over the white. Below is a side by side of the newly painted green-black armour compared to a black undercoated mini.

At this point I am now wondering if I could have achieved this with a simple dark green airbrush, without faffing with the white and contrast paint mix. Still, I have what I wanted, and by the time I’m finished it should be darker again.

Next task is to get silver painted on to the trim of the mkIII armour, and some details of the tank. You can see the tank got some panels painted red, I think some white checker decals are going to look great on those. Hopefully i’ll make more progress over teh course of the week – i hope to have these dudes completed before HH2.0 arrives on my doorstep*.

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Dark Angels Legion #1

Well Horus Heresy Age of Darkness second edition is just around the corner. Its spurred me on to actually start doing something with the models I’ve been slowly collecting in my WH30K pile of shame. Yes I know, the standard pile is so large I’ve been sub-dividing it to make it seem smaller and more manageable. This particular pile manifested itself a few years ago now with the acquisition of an unbuilt out of production Cerastus Assault Ram, but really took off with the release of the Dark Angels special units and the Lion himself.

So what was the first models I decided to work on? The gorgeous Inner Circle Knights Cenobium terminators? or the tasty Interemptors? Nope, I’ve started with the basic troops, a simple 10 man tactical squad in Mk III armour. If I ever end up playing HH then I’m going to need some basic troop choices. It also means I can afford to screw up the paint job/scheme on the less expensive models.

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