Introducing myself…

My name is Dave, I am an aeronautical engineer in my 30s living in the North West of England. When I manage to find the time I have a number of hobbies and interests, although these days it is pretty much limited to kayaking and wargaming as I have a young family. However this blog is about my tabletop wargaming hobby.


I first got into wargaming in my early teens with WH40k 2nd edition, I also enjoyed Necromunda, Epic Armageddon & Blooodbowl. But as with most teenagers I eventually set them aside as I got older. Until I bumped into some wargamers living in my student digs at university probably in the year 2000. That’s where I got back into the hobby.

This time however I have managed to maintain my interest, although I have left the Games Workshop stable of games behind me, well except Bloodbowl and Spacehulk which I still enjoy playing every now and then. I picked up Warmachine in about 2007 and quickly got rid of my WH40k stuff having got totally hooked on the game. Its also the first time I have played a game by another publisher other than GW. Having had my blind fold removed I now enjoy games from different manufacturers. Here is a list of the games I could say that I can play.

  • Privateer Press’s Warmachine & Hordes
  • Fantasy Flight Games’s X-Wing
  • Corvus Belli’s Infinity N3
  • Spartan Games’s Dystopian Wars
  • Guillotine Games’s Zombicide
  • Hawk Wargames’s Dropzone Commander
  • Gripping Beast’s Saga
  • Games Workshop’s Bloodbowl
  • Games Workshop’s Necromunda
  • Games Workshop’s Space Hulk

Although I have to admit there are a number of games on that list that have barely earned the right to be there.

The vast majority of my gaming is done at my local gaming club. The club is held in a community centre in Chorley on Thursday evenings. Known as Coppull And Chorley Knights, Wargaming Club we have a mix of players and hobbyists. Personally I do not describe myself as a competitive player, which is a good job really as I am usually found on the bottom tables, I do enjoy the hobby aspect and try my best to have a good looking fully painted force to play with. Most times playing a less competitive list just because it is fully painted rather than a better selected list that I have not managed to finish painting. Although in the past I have attended tournaments across the country, I am finding the time required to travel further afield harder. That is something I want to try and rectify again.

And the point is…

This blog is an attempt to regularly make time to spend on this hobby. I have in the past written some modelling articles that were published on another site on the web. That site seems to have died a death, so this blog has been set up to re-publish those articles to the world and encourage me to produce some more. I also intend to post up pictures of my completed models to log my progress in building armies, and maybe some thoughts and game reports too.

If you have visited this blog and have enjoyed the modelling articles, please comment on them, as that will encourage me to keep producing more.

Thanks for looking,


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