Planting the seed: assembling Farmer’s Guild Tater


I bought Tater when the Steamforged Guild Ball Store’s Locker Room opened during GenCon. It arrived on Friday (along with a mug or two), so I thought I would get him assembled, as I had some Morticians on the table being put together for a commission (eek – some one is employing my hobby services?! The fool!).

So here is my simple step by step to putting the model together. There is nothing unique here about assembling Tater, so the method used is pretty generic to most models. Continue reading

Infinity: Pinning the wings on an angel – Seraph


This was my hobby Christmas present from my wife and son, and what a cool present it was too. It is a great model, and I was pretty eager to get it built and see what it looked like. However I didn’t get very far with that over the holiday period and have only just got it assembled this week. Mostly because of lack of hobby time but I was also wondering how I was going to secure the wings on the model as there isn’t much contact area for glue, and not a whole lot of metal to pin in to. This article is about how I pinned the wings on the Seraph.

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Ironfang Pikemen – Brass tubing replacement of the spear shafts


Welcome back to the second part of my Iron Fang Pikemen article. Previously I showed you how I went about replacing the Pikemen’s pikes with brass rod, now I will show you my second method where I replace the pikes with brass tube.

Method 2: Brass Tubing

The idea is the same as the previous method but this time replacing the pikes with tubing. The reason for the tube is because the outside diameter can match very closely with the diameter of the pike shaft. However the internal diameter is smaller allowing you to use a smaller drill bit to drill through the hand and not have to remove material from the hand to avoid a step in the shaft as described in step 6 of method 1. The end result is to have a much thicker looking shaft to the pike. A comparison of models using each method can be found towards the end of this article.

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Ironfang Pikemen – Brass rod replacement of the spear shafts

I wrote this tutorial  around about the release of the Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen upgrade kit and the new tier list for Butcher1, Claws of the Dragon, in NQ41. So it is quite a while ago now, and it was originally hosted on another website which seems to have now sadly disappeared from the web. The tutorial is broken into two articles as i used two slightly different methods, one using brass rod, the other using brass rod and tubing. This article will deal with method 1, using brass rod.

Method 1: Brass Rod

OK the basic idea is to remove the original shaft of the IFP’s pikes and replace it with a length of brass rod. Sounds simple doesn’t it.

The IFP unit and attachment have 5 different styles of pike hand. An over hand grip, an under hand grip, the unit leader’s arm, a thrusting forward grip, and finally the UA officer also has a thrusting forward grip.


Although the same techniques are used on all the different arms I think one set is a little harder than the other, arm group 1 being easier than arm group 2. So I’ll show how I did both groups of arms.

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