Project Deathwing: update test terminator

With finding the odd moment here and there I have finally managed to finish off the test Terminator for my Deathwing project. It took longer than it should have but that is real life getting in the way of hobby time!

I wouldn’t mind quite so much, if I had tried time consuming techniques (or ones that I find time consuming) but there is noting really challenging in this piece, which I hope will allow me to get a couple of Squads done at least.

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Project Deathwing: update basecoat

Over the last week I have tried to grab a spare 10 minutes here and there to get some work done on my Deathwing Terminators. I have been using my airbrush, for two reasons really.

  1. Speed, although I am not very good at using my airbrush, it is far quicker than using a brush for putting down paint over the whole model. Time is a rare commodity at the moment, I’d probably still be painting the models dark brown now if I had used a normal brush with the limited amount of time I currently have for the hobby.
  2. Practice, I will only improve at airbrushing by using it.

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Belated Happy New Year! (also Merry Christmas)

I haven’t posted anything on my blog in ages, so what happened to me over the last few months?

Simply put, being a Dad. I have gone from the being able to do stuff while my son sleeps/sits on a playmat stage to constantly having to chase them around stopping them crawling places they shouldn’t, playing with things they shouldn’t and tidying up after them. Basically I am using my son as an excuse for having no hobby time whatsoever.

That said this last week I picked up some models for what is probably the first time since October. What’s more is that they aren’t even for a game system I currently play… WH40K. Continue reading