Infinity: Converting Croc Men specialists – part 1

This is a quick post about how I went about converting my Croc Men Hacker.


The conversion is made out of the following models:

Yep, that’s right I bought a Hacker to convert a Hacker but I much prefer the aesthetic of the new Croc Men sculpt over the older sculpts. Its just unfortunate that there is currently only one new style model available.

I have also cheated a bit, as I made a cast of the Combi Rifle arm from the Fusilier Hacker model from the Fusilier SWC boxed set (or use ChoKonnit’s split box service if he has the Hackers available). I needed the same arm for both this conversion and the Croc Men FO conversion. Well actually I just wanted the weapon, and you could just cut the barrel down on the sniper rifle, and save yourself the bother of the first few steps.

Using a jewellers saw I cut the sniper rifle away from the arm, being careful to preserve as much detail as possible.


I did the same to the cast combi-rifle but was careful to try and make the rifle a snug fit on the Croc Men arm.



I wanted to make use of the original Croc Men Hacker’s head, as it has the hacking goggles, and more importantly for me gave the model a completely different style of head form the original sculpt. I cut the head off the old style hacker using the jewellers saw again, so I could keep the tied back hair intact.


I also used the original hackers outstretched left hand. I cut the left hand off both the hacker and the sniper arms in roughly the same location at the wrist. This was done using the jewellers saw because it was cutting really well and had a fine blade installed keeping the width of the cut to a minimum.


Here are all the bits laid out before final assembly. The resin cast combi-rifle is marginally miscast (unsurprisingly) so I tried to tidy up the worst of the problem at the muzzle by replacing it with a short section of plastic rod.


Once assembled all that remained was to do a little Greenstuff work tidying up the gaps, around the neck, on the rifle stock, & the shoulder joints. I also added detailing on the back of the left hand to match the original hand.


All that remained was to paint it up ready for the table…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Part 2 with the Croc Men Forward Observer will be up in tomorrow.
Edit: here’s a link.

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