Infinity: The eve of Northern Open 3

Well it’s the night before my first ever Infinity tournament: Northern Open 3, at Leeds. I have been frantically getting my stuff together, tokens, tape measure, dice, double checking my bag in general waiting for the last coat of matt varnish to dry on my models so they can be packed away.

I don’t expect anything much from my gaming ability, new game system, first tournament, zero list building experience, zero tournament mission experience. However I do hope I can give a good showing in the painting department with this little lot:


Sadly I never got round to even getting my last two models needed for the lists built never mind painted. But I’ll take them with me, so in between rounds I can at least get them put together. I am guessing I’ll have plenty of free time, having been slaughtered pretty quickly in each round.

Right better find out the directions for where I am going 🙂

Infinity: Making your own magnetic tokens

One of the first things I’ve noticed after playing a couple of small games of Infinity is the need for the tokens. They are used to mark the status of various models and effects during the game. The most common I have used so far are the order tokens (obviously lol), wound and unconscious tokens (sadly), and prone tokens.


A wounded ORC Trooper spends a Regular Order to enter Suppressive Fire.

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The Long And Winding Infinite Road

WOW seriously long time since I had chance to post an update. I have failed on the at least one post per month idea.

Here is what I should have posted last month, as it has been sat around completed since mid May, although these final pics were taken on the last day in May lol.

This is my entry into the Data Sphere Forum’s Summer Painting Campaign. Go have a look, even if you do not vote there are some amazing models in that thread. Seriously take a look at the following entries by HYDRA, IBANZMARK, KENZA, MAXVON_D, SITICUS THE ANCIENT, and YOSHINTO YAZAMOTO.

As I mentioned I finished this up mid May. It is a Panoceania ORC Trooper heavy infantry model.

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Crawling along the Infinite Road

It’s been a while since my last post, and I am sorry to report I haven’t got much done.

What I have managed to do is finish off 3 of the Infinity Operation Icestorm models. They have actually been completed since the beginning of April, I have just been waiting to get chance to photo them with the decent camera rather than just my phone.

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Starting down the Infinite Road


Mobius Strip II – M.C.Escher 1963

With recently picking up Infinity I have been looking around the internet for the usual suspects of digital medium with an Infinity content. First and most obvious was the Corvus Belli Infinity website and forums. Then I stumbled across DataSphere, a fan site with a decent amount of interesting content, and it’s associated forum. From there I have started listening to some podcasts, I am currently working my way through Totally Crit, which I am enjoying listening too.

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