Infinity: Making your own magnetic tokens

One of the first things I’ve noticed after playing a couple of small games of Infinity is the need for the tokens. They are used to mark the status of various models and effects during the game. The most common I have used so far are the order tokens (obviously lol), wound and unconscious tokens (sadly), and prone tokens.


A wounded ORC Trooper spends a Regular Order to enter Suppressive Fire.

Now I am the type of gamer who likes to have all the gear, all the peripheral accessories that go along with the game. For Warmachine I have the faction specific tokens for my armies. So with the revelation that I need tokens for Infinity I did some Googling to see what manufacturers are out there for Infinity tokens. There are a host of manufacturers with a range of products (far too many to link to), but what surprised me the most was exactly how many tokens Infinity can use.

At first it seemed an impossible amount of tokens required to play the game, definitely more than I was willing to buy all at once; that’s for certain. I just didn’t know which tokens were more important to get first. So instead of buying a load of tokens, I figured I’d just use the card tokens provided with Icestorm to begin with and expand from there as and when required.

It’s at this point I stumbled upon a method for making the tokens on the Infinity forums. The idea being to make them more token like and less cut out pieces of paper/card. It’s a really simple idea using something I had never heard of; bottle top protectors.

So a quick search of ebay located some 25mm diameter bottle top protectors, and a few clicks later I had bought some. I ended up with 200 for about £4. Link to eBay search (you can also get square ones for the command tokens).

Simply just peel the bottle top protector off the backing paper and stick it on to your existing paper/card order token.


Bottle cap protectors, 25mm circles and squares. A finished token and a basic token.

I have been ‘bottle topping’ the card tokens that came with Operation: Icestorm and the USAriadna Army Pack. However these boxed sets do not come with a full complement of tokens, just a small selection. You can download a PDF file from the Infinity website to print out. This has all the tokens and templates you could ever want in it. Or there is another website that generates a PDF file of the tokens that you select, so you only have to print out the tokens you want.  This website also allows you to customise the size of the tokens too.

Finally each box of Infinity miniatures that Corvus Belli sell has tokens on the fold in flaps of the box. This last one in particular is a very neat use of the packaging by CB. Well I’m really impressed by CB for doing this at any rate.

If you are going to be cutting out your own tokens I highly recommend a circle punch. If you can get hold of one cheap it’ll save you a lot of time cutting out circles with scissors.

You can also get magnetic sheets, generally used for basing. The 0.55mm thick sheets cut easily with the circle punch, so you can even make magnetic tokens if you wish. The magnetic sheet adds a nice bit of weight to the finished token as well as making them magnetic.


Tokens printed on the product box flaps. A 1 inch circle cutter. A circle cut from 0.55mm thick magnetic sheet.

I figured I’d make a list of what tokens come in which boxes, might be of use if there is a particular token you are after that appears on a box. Of course I am not likely to ever own one of each box so if you want to contribute to the list by telling what tokens appear on the flaps of a box not in the list please leave a comment below.

Large Boxed Sets:

  • Operation Icestorm: 14x Regular orders, 10x Irregular orders, 2x Lt Orders, 6x Unconcious, 2x Wound1, 1x TO Cammo, 1x CSU,1x S2 silhouette, 1x Circular Template, 1x Ruler.
  • USAriadna Army Pack: 7x Regular orders, 2x Irregular orders, 1x Lt Order, 3x Impetuous, 6x Wound1, 1x V2:Dogged, 4x Cammo, 3x Mines, 2x Burnt, 3x Unconcious, 2x Prone, 1x Targetted, 1x Suppressive Fire, 1x S2 silhouette, 1x S4 silhouette, 1x S5 silhouette, 1x S6 silhouette, 1x Circular Template, 1x Small Teardrop Template, 1x Large Teardrop Template, 8x PLayer A tokens, 8x PLayer B tokens, 1x Ruler.

Panoceania boxes:

  • Fusilier SWC: 1x Link Leader, 2x Wound1, 1x Prone
  • Squalo TAG:  1x Wound1, 1x  Wounds2 1x Possessed, 1x Immobilised
  • Dronbot REMs: 2x Wound1 2x Immobilised

Nomad boxes:

  • Interventor: 2x Prone, 2x Wound1

Ariadna boxes:

  • USAriadna Grunts SWC: 1x Link Leader, 1x Wound1, 1x Prone, 1x Unconscious (I’ll tell you when it turns up from Element Games)

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