Guild Ball Morticians – Pulling Strings

Exactly a year ago I posted up some Morticians that I’d painted up for Ben, our local pundit, link to previous post. Fortunately that article gave a good run down of how they were painted, as a couple of weeks ago I got the job of painting the rest of the Morticians’ models. Its the models that form the Stings Of The Spirit Weaver box, except for Bonesaw who was painted the first time round. Read on for a photo dump of the completed models.

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Guild Ball Morticians


In a previous post I mentioned I had a “commission” to work on, well here they are. One of the guys at Bolton GNOME asked me to paint up some Guild Ball Morticians models for him in exchange for a model I was after (the ITS 2016 winners limited edition Morat Renegade). Continue reading