Don’t think I have made a work in progress post for a while, but here is what is currently on my painting table.

These two, an Akalis Sikh Commando and a Svalarheima Nisse, have been sat on the desk for quite a while. The blue armour has been through a couple of iterations,  but I am going to leave it as it is now.


Father Knight, this guy I am really happy with. I just need to pull my finger out and paint the sword, and finish the base.


Two Fusiliers, one armed with a missile launcher, and the other is a hacker. Looking very blue at the moment lol.


And finally we have an Aquila Guard, and Joan d’Arc. Along with the Father Knight the Aquila is one of my favourite models so far. So I really want to make a good job of their paint work.


I am trying to use the method Angel Giraldez demonstrates in his painting book. I have enjoyed following the guide, and feel it has improved my airbrushing ability. Although to be fair that wouldn’t be hard lol.




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