Guild Ball Morticians


In a previous post I mentioned I had a “commission” to work on, well here they are. One of the guys at Bolton GNOME asked me to paint up some Guild Ball Morticians models for him in exchange for a model I was after (the ITS 2016 winners limited edition Morat Renegade). Continue reading


Planting the seed: assembling Farmer’s Guild Tater


I bought Tater when the Steamforged Guild Ball Store’s Locker Room opened during GenCon. It arrived on Friday (along with a mug or two), so I thought I would get him assembled, as I had some Morticians on the table being put together for a commission (eek – some one is employing my hobby services?! The fool!).

So here is my simple step by step to putting the model together. There is nothing unique here about assembling Tater, so the method used is pretty generic to most models. Continue reading