Warcry: Heart of Ghur, Terrain #3

Just a quick post, I squeezed in a quick play time with the airbrush to see what I could do with my over primed HoG terrain. I just messed adding various colours to see what they would come out like. Here’s the result.

Still a way to go obviously, also need to practice with my airbrush aiming skills 😉 However I did feel like I made some progress experimenting on this piece. I’m not sold on my tree colour yet. Need to keep thinking on that.

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Warcry: Heart of Ghur, Terrain #2

Following on from the previous Warcry post where I built the Heart of Ghur terrain here’s the first post about painting the terrain. I expect painting the terrain is going to take up way more than one blog article. I have previously painted up the original Warcry starter set terrain and the Ravaged Lands Corpsewrack Mausoleum, both as commissions believe it or not, so I was striving for a bit of speed to get the job done. Both used multiple spray cans to get the base layers down to build up the colour scheme from. In an attempt to speed up the painting process I decided to use different colour rattlecan spray primers for the base layers of my Heart of Ghur terrain. Given that the Heart of Ghur (I’m getting sick of typing that, so from now on it is HoG) terrrain is natural in nature rather than ‘man made’ buildings i thought that more colours might be a good idea.

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Warcry: Heart of Ghur – The Terrain

One of 2022’s impulse buys was the Warcry second edition starter box Warcy: Heart of Ghur. Way back in 2019 I bought the first edition starter, and loved playing it, even winning a local event with my Splintered Fang warband at the, now sadly closed, LGS. I can’t explain what it was but I ended buying Heart of Ghur, and then it sat in a box, unopened – still sealed in fact – until last week. My recent review of 2022 post got me thinking about unstarted/unfinshed projects. I just felt the need to start a clean slate, do something different and new.

So, I built this…

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Warcry Ravaged Lands: Corpsewrack Mausoleum

Warcry has unexpectedly captured my attention since its release in August. It was a game I didn’t think I would enjoy and I certainly didn’t plan on buying into the game. However after a watching and playing a couple of demo games I found I actually really enjoyed it. I have since played in two events and play it most weeks at Rogue Games’ store. From a personal point of view, like most table top games, it is more enjoyable to play with painted models over painted terrain. For the second of the two events I volunteered to paint one of the Warcry terrain sets for Rogue Games – the Corpsewrack Mausoleum, in fact during the first event I played all three of my games this over the bare plastic set (I wonder did this in any way influence my decision lol). This is a brief rundown of how I went about painting the Corpsewrack Mausoleum.

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The First and Last Samurai

The last few days my spare hobby time has been taken up with assembling models for Test Of Honour. When I first opened the box and looked at all the components on the sprue, I have to admit I felt a little daunted. All those options! What would I build?!

I started on the force required for the first mission from the battle book. My previous post shows the first of this assembly spree. When clipping the parts off the sprue I began to think that these would be fiddley models to put together. However, I haven’t used hard plastic polystyrene models for some time and I had forgotten what an easy material it is to work with when building models. The mould lines (what little there were) were easily scrapped off with little effort. With the use of polystyrene cement even the most fiddly of two-handed weapon poses were simple to put together. Especially in comparison to the models like the old metal PP Steelhead Halberdiers. I have really enjoyed building these models.

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A Test of Procrastination

Where the hell did March go?

I’ve failed to do any miniature hobbying for over an entire month now. I have a half written post on painting my IA stormtroopers from the back end of February. Three partially built and painted Zen Terrain Hab buildings that I was supposed to be painting up for the Mayacast 2017 Q1 Masterglass competition. I started those in January, got side tracked by IA models, and I’ve ended up completely failing to get those done for the deadline.

Still April is looking good so far. I’ve built some models, for a completely different game!

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Infinity Terrain: TT Combat Objective Room


I thought I would write-up a little post about some terrain i did quickly for the tournament I went to back around Halloween. It was bought on a whim really, as i currently don’t have any gaming space at home…yet. The TO for the Halloween event asked if any of us had Objective Room scenery that we could bring. So I volunteered to get this built for the event rather than build and paint my own lists 😉 As I was pressed for time, I thought I would try to get it built and painted to an OK standard as fast as I could.

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