Project Deathwing: update basecoat

Over the last week I have tried to grab a spare 10 minutes here and there to get some work done on my Deathwing Terminators. I have been using my airbrush, for two reasons really.

  1. Speed, although I am not very good at using my airbrush, it is far quicker than using a brush for putting down paint over the whole model. Time is a rare commodity at the moment, I’d probably still be painting the models dark brown now if I had used a normal brush with the limited amount of time I currently have for the hobby.
  2. Practice, I will only improve at airbrushing by using it.

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Belated Happy New Year! (also Merry Christmas)

I haven’t posted anything on my blog in ages, so what happened to me over the last few months?

Simply put, being a Dad. I have gone from the being able to do stuff while my son sleeps/sits on a playmat stage to constantly having to chase them around stopping them crawling places they shouldn’t, playing with things they shouldn’t and tidying up after them. Basically I am using my son as an excuse for having no hobby time whatsoever.

That said this last week I picked up some models for what is probably the first time since October. What’s more is that they aren’t even for a game system I currently play… WH40K. Continue reading