Test of Magnetism – a magnetic basing tutorial

Test of Honour is really racking up the post count on the blog this month. This post is about magnetising the models’ bases for both using with the group multi-bases and for storage.

The game utilises a large 60mm base to mount up to three of the smaller 25mm bases on, effectively becoming a movement tray for small groups of models. This multi-base in game represents the small area that a group of models both control and support each other within. What I wanted to do was magnetise the models so that models were unlikely to fall over or get knocked off the multi-base easily and make it easier to move the multi-base around with the models mounted on it. Continue reading

Infinity: Making your own magnetic tokens

One of the first things I’ve noticed after playing a couple of small games of Infinity is the need for the tokens. They are used to mark the status of various models and effects during the game. The most common I have used so far are the order tokens (obviously lol), wound and unconscious tokens (sadly), and prone tokens.


A wounded ORC Trooper spends a Regular Order to enter Suppressive Fire.

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