Crawling along the Infinite Road

It’s been a while since my last post, and I am sorry to report I haven’t got much done.

What I have managed to do is finish off 3 of the Infinity Operation Icestorm models. They have actually been completed since the beginning of April, I have just been waiting to get chance to photo them with the decent camera rather than just my phone.

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My previous post showed my first Fusilier model, the one on the left in the above pictures. Here are some larger images of the second male Fusilier.

Along with the female Fusilier.

Also in progress are the Nisse and the Akal from the set (I haven’t bothered photographing them yet), and the ORC and the Father Knight have had their initial airbrushing done too.


The irony of the above photo is that it was taken with my new phone, I have only had it a couple of weeks, which looks like it is actually better than the digital camera used for the Fusilier pics lol.

If you read all the way to here, next is the BS excuse for both the lack of updates and painting 😉

“It’s been a hard month being a dad, since the clocks went forward for daylight saving, bizarrely, my 1 year old lad’s sleeping pattern has been completely upset. So finding the energy for doing any hobbies has been difficult.”

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