Starting down the Infinite Road


Mobius Strip II – M.C.Escher 1963

With recently picking up Infinity I have been looking around the internet for the usual suspects of digital medium with an Infinity content. First and most obvious was the Corvus Belli Infinity website and forums. Then I stumbled across DataSphere, a fan site with a decent amount of interesting content, and it’s associated forum. From there I have started listening to some podcasts, I am currently working my way through Totally Crit, which I am enjoying listening too.

Totally Crit currently run a segment called the “Infinite Road”, essentially talking about the host’s forays into Infinity. I find this kind of thing interesting, people who play the games (whatever game that may be, but in this case Infinity obviously) talking about what first drew them to the game, what they started with and why, and where they have gone from there.

So credit where credit’s due, I have stolen their segment name for my blog’s Infinity content; I hope I do the name justice. I covered why I have started playing Infinity in my last post, so technically this post is more about my first steps on the ‘Infinite Road’ I suppose.

To that end here is my first painted Infinity miniature:

A Panoceania Fusilier, modded slightly with modelling putty to have a hackle on his beret. He was my entry into the DataSphere painting campaign – Spring ’15. You can see the associated threads pinned at the top of the DataSphere Miniatures forum.

This week I have started painting the other 2 Fusiliers from the Operation Icestorm boxed set along with the Akilis Sihk commando and the Nisses sniper. They have had their undercoats applied and are currently turning blue under the airbrush.

In case you haven’t got the foggiest what the models are I am talking about, see this image:


While the ORC Trooper and the Father Knight are just being assembled. I believe that the next season of the DataSphere Painting Campaign (DSPC) is going to be about HI (Heavy Infantry). Both of those models are HI, and as such I intend to paint those up for the DSPC.

The Father Knight mentioned above can be seen on the left of this image:




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