Project Deathwing: update test terminator

With finding the odd moment here and there I have finally managed to finish off the test Terminator for my Deathwing project. It took longer than it should have but that is real life getting in the way of hobby time!

I wouldn’t mind quite so much, if I had tried time consuming techniques (or ones that I find time consuming) but there is noting really challenging in this piece, which I hope will allow me to get a couple of Squads done at least.


You may have noticed a lack of base, well I have not made any progress in that department what so ever. Spent all my spare time painting 😉






Paints Used

The list below will help me remember what I used to paint the various parts.

Crux Terminatus:

  • P3 Cryx Bane Base
  • P3 Cryx Bane Highlight
  • P3 Trollblood Highlight
  • P3 Jack Bone

Purity Seals:

  • P3 Skorne Red
  • P3 Sanguine Highlight (wash)
  • P3 Menoth White Highlight
  • Black Wash

Green Bolter and Chest Plate:

  • P3 Gnarls Green
  • P3 Isoian Green


  • As above plus the following
  • P3 Necrotite Green
  • P3 Necrotite Green + P3 Menoth White Highlight

Blue Lens:

  • P3 Cygnar Blue Base
  • P3 Arcane Blue
  • P3 Menoth White Highlight


  • P3 Skorne Red
  • P3 Khador Red Base
  • P3 Khador Red Highlight
  • Warpaints Strong Wash


  • P3 Sanguine Base
  • P3 Bloodtracker Brown

Piping and Cables:

  • P3 Cryx Bane Base
  • P3 Cryx Bane Highlight
  • P3 Trollblood Highlight
  • Black Wash


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