Project Deathwing: update basecoat

Over the last week I have tried to grab a spare 10 minutes here and there to get some work done on my Deathwing Terminators. I have been using my airbrush, for two reasons really.

  1. Speed, although I am not very good at using my airbrush, it is far quicker than using a brush for putting down paint over the whole model. Time is a rare commodity at the moment, I’d probably still be painting the models dark brown now if I had used a normal brush with the limited amount of time I currently have for the hobby.
  2. Practice, I will only improve at airbrushing by using it.

You’ll see two acronyms in my paint names; VAC = Vallejo Air Colour, and VGA = Vallejo Game Air.

At the end of my last post, after reminiscing about old models, I posted this picture of the Dark Vengeance Terminator models; having been primed with black Vallejo Surface Primer and then basecoated VAC Medium Camo Brown.


The next step was to give them a coat of AK Interactive chipping fluid.


Which was followed by VAC Dark Yellow.


Three more colours followed, VAC Light Brown…


Then VAC Sand…


Finally VGA Bonewhite…


Of course with those last 3 pictures, I’d forgive you for thinking I have just been rearranging the models. I am actually wondering if they are in the correct order! The photos taken in daylight with my phone don’t really show any colour progression after all lol. I think I have been too heavy handed with the airbrush. The idea was to have a progressive change in colour to save having to do much shading. Where as I have nice shadows the flatter areas of the models tend to now be one colour more or less. All part of the learning process though 😉

So what is the next step? Time to make use of that chipping fluid and have some fun weathering the paintwork.





One response to “Project Deathwing: update basecoat

  1. I would not worry about being to heavy with the airbrush. Deathwing are easy to paint and lightly drybrushing from a high angle(sun direction) will work a treat on them. The hardest part with Deathwing is the detail because its a contrast to the simple cream coat. Good luck.

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