Deathwing Nostalgia

I have found some old pictures rummaging our on my old laptop. A lot of pictures of me looking younger and slimmer lol, but most importantly pictures of my old Deathwing. Not just 40k Deathwing but Epic40k too!

Deathwing – WH40K

After my last post I was sure I would be able to find the pictures I used for selling my old metal Deathwing on eBay. I didn’t. However I did find a few pictures of my old Deathwing. This is most of the painted Terminators, I couldn’t find pictures of the Dreadnoughts or the unpainted but heavily converted Command Squad. This is a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. As some of the models in the images below are from when Codex: Angels of Death  was released back in 1996 (I think). The Terminator Captain, Librarian, and the Terminator Squad whose sergeant has a red power sword are from that time, and are probably the only pictures of some of the earliest models I have painted. The other Terminator squads and the converted Chaplain are from around 1999/2000.

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Deathwing – Epic Armageddon

In my early to mid 20s when I first moved to Preston, I used to play a lot of Epic Armageddon. I converted up a Deathwing Company to go in my Dark Angels Space Marine force. It wasn’t a full company, in fact not even half a company, but each stand of infantry was converted in some way. Whether it was just teh addition of heavy weapons, such as the Assualt Cannons, Cyclone Missile Lanchers or Heavy Flamers. Or Terminators with Lightning Claws, Thunder Hammers and Storm Sheilds, right up to Command Squads. They also got to ride around in converted Land Raiders, there is a Land Raider Helios, a Prometheus and a couple of Crusaders, not to mention the Land Raider MK2s were converted to MK3s. Maddness I know!

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These guys must still be in the loft somewhere, I haven’t got rid of them. They’ll be sitting snug in a box along with an Epic40k Abaddon the Despoiler and Terminator retinue conversion….somewhere. Haven’t played Armageddon for years, good game from what I remember.


I have managed to get some work done on the new Deathwing models I have felt the urge to paint for Space Hulk. Not much, just an undercoat and the first base coat has been applied to the Dark Vengeance terminator models.


Have got some bases to build, although I am not sure exactly what I am aiming for in the base department yet.

  1. 40mm bases.
  2. 30mm square bases.
  3. Space Hulk style minimal bases.
  4. A Space Hulk based model that can be mounted on to a 40mm round base.

No. 1 is out because Space Hulk uses 30mm square tiles. However I am contemplating No.4 just in case I want to try playing WH40k again.

I also bought some of the new Deathwing Terminator models from Element Games.  I have got to say I was impressed with the speed of their delivery, and the sweet enclosed in the parcel!


Element Games 'Stockport Rock'

Element Games ‘Stockport Rock’

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