Belated Happy New Year! (also Merry Christmas)

I haven’t posted anything on my blog in ages, so what happened to me over the last few months?

Simply put, being a Dad. I have gone from the being able to do stuff while my son sleeps/sits on a playmat stage to constantly having to chase them around stopping them crawling places they shouldn’t, playing with things they shouldn’t and tidying up after them. Basically I am using my son as an excuse for having no hobby time whatsoever.

That said this last week I picked up some models for what is probably the first time since October. What’s more is that they aren’t even for a game system I currently play… WH40K.

Entering nostalgia mode…

Back when I used to play 40k (we’re talking around 2005 here) I was a Dark Angel player, specifically playing pure Deathwing lists. I had a sizable fully painted Deathwing force of around 20 to 30 models including characters and dreadnoughts. To give you an idea of how long ago this was, these were the metal dreadnought and terminator models, the predecessors of the plastic kits. I sold them all on eBay a few years ago as I was no longer playing 40k at all (wish I had kept the photos).

Before I stopped playing 40k I started buying the plastic terminator kits with the intension of painting and replacing the metal models. I never did sell the plastic terminators on eBay, they are still knocking around the attic somewhere.

Roll forward to 2009 and the ‘Limited Edition’ release of Space Hulk (can’t believe it’s actually that long ago). I bought that set and had the pleasure of a few games of Space Hulk, before various other hobby interests and games replaced that game at the club. I had intended to get the mini’s painted up, and either convert or replace the Blood Angels terminators with Deathwing models. That never happened.

Back to present day…

I bought a copy of Space Hulk in the Steam Sale for my PC. Played that for a good few hours over the New Year weekend and that reminded me of the real table top game sat in its box in the attic. So I dragged it out of the attic to have a brief look in the box and remembered about wanting to paint the models, and my Deathwing plan.

Now I also have had a set of the Dark Angel models from the Dark Vengeance set lying around for a while. Perhaps it was a half imagined idea of playing some 40k Kill Team at my gaming club. So I dug out the Dark Vengeance Deathwing Terminators and started prepping those for painting last night. And because I can’t do anything without getting distracted I also went on the hunt for Deathwing painting articles on the internet. This is what I have found:


Buypainted has a few videos:

Tale of Painters

Lil Legend Studio


Finally found this thread on the Bolter & Chainsword forums, somewhere I hadn’t been in years.

We’ll see how far I get with this idea, I wonder if I’ll be able to make any progress this month at all 😦


2 responses to “Belated Happy New Year! (also Merry Christmas)

  1. At least you’re staying busy, right?!

    Happy belated New Year and Christmas!

    I always liked the look of Space Marines and the Terminators in particular. I never got into the game though. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours!!

    I did get into X-Wing over the holidays though and been having a bunch of fun with it. I as initially going to wait for Armada but I caved. Thanks a lot!

    • Busy in a way only a kid can make you i think. A few of the guys at the games club are looking at Armada, but I haven’t made it to the club for months! Glad to hear your enjoying X-Wing, it is a good game.

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