Infinity Defiance Valkyrie

I recently finished up painting an Infinity model for the Mayacast Masterglass painting competition which was themed around the female models available from Corvus Belle. Here’s my entry…

Valkyrie, Elite Bodyguard

“There she is – hear her roar: Victory or Valhalla!”

Check out the other entries on FB here, there are some seriously good paint jobs there.

This particular model was a 2019 GenCon exclusive model, able to be used in the three Corvus Belle games, Infinity, Aristeia!, and the upcoming Infinity Defiance sci-fi dungeon crawler. This is actually my first Infinity Defiance model to be painted – hopefully I’ll have more Defiance to paint soon (technically also my first and only Aristeia! model too). My recent Nox Trooper was a test for the Defiance villians, the Shasvastii.

The model comes with the card for Defiance (and Aristeia!) and is usable as a none player character, making an appearance in the Demo Mission available to download from the Infinity website’s downloads page in the Defiance section.

If you look around you can still find her for sale, Corvus Belle did the cool thing made her available on line for a limited time around GenCon and available for retailers through their distribution channels. At the time of writing this, there are 6 in stock at Goblin Gaming if you wanted her.

I enjoyed painting Valkyrie up, I stayed close to her production artwork generally, with the blue and white outfit. I did actually drill out the holes in the shaft of the axe to make the model closer to the artwork, not that it is noticeable – no real surprise there though. I did go down the gold Non-Metallic Metal (NMM) route for the shield, compared to bright glowing blue. I thought I would have more success. I tend to enjoy painting NMM now-a-days. I find playing with how the light reflects and the contrast changes required fascinating. I have to admit to getting frustrated a bit with the shield. The filigree cast is nice and crisp on the upper portion, it is just ever so slightly softer/more rounded on the lower portion of the shield and I really struggled to paint that section. Looking back at the images it almost looks unfinished now.

I also tried my hand at a Sky-Earth NMM (SENMM) to try and get a highly reflective chrome look on the pistol, and similarly with the sunglasses. I’m less happy with the shades, well the model’s right lens, the left is great lol. What do you think, did the chrome work out OK?

The base is one of my old resin casts I had lying around. I was a bit concerned that the ‘tactical rock’ would look out of place in the spaceship look I wanted from the base. So I went with an industrial/grimed up scfi look, and hopefully the rock she is stood on blends in OK as a bit of debris.

The tattoos were something new too. I used a mix of dark blue, black ink, and the base flesh colour as the tattoo ink. Once the design was painted on and dry, I glazed over it with some of the flesh highlight colour. I think I have achieved some nicely faded ‘Norse Runes’ tattoos here! I’m pleased with how they turned out, although I had to seriously tone down the designs from what I initially intended – way too detailed for both the area to cover and my ability. So I settled for the runes after a bit of googling 🙂

I could really do with working on my photography, at least to get the same colour values across all the images lol.

Thanks for looking 🙂 If you feel like supporting the blog, then you can while treating yourself to hobby stuff at the same time. Click on the Element Games or Goblin Games links, buy some hobby product and I’ll get a little commission. Helps to pay the WordPress fees – thanks very much.

4 responses to “Infinity Defiance Valkyrie

    • Thank you. I actually surprised myself with the base and how it turned out. It was an after-thought and painted really quickly. Trouble is I’ve forgotten what colours I used now, so it’ll remain a one off probably.

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