A look back at 2020

Ahh yes, the annual look back at the past year’s hobbying, and see how we measured up against the hobby progress we hoped to achieve mentioned back in January 2020.

Well a quick read of my hopes for 2020, and seeing what I have actually done over the last year suggests that its all doom and gloom.

  1. No, i’ve not managed to hobby more tidily or efficently.
  2. No, I did not paint more than I bought – or even attempt to 🙂
  3. No, I’ve not actually managed to paint much over 2020 at all 😦
  4. No, I’ve not attended any events – but that’s not my fault, damned Covid!
  5. No, the blog still looks the same as it did back in June 2014 (wow I hadn’t realised it was that long ago!)

So what did we do in the year of Social Distancing and Lockdowns? I’ve been working from home, and home schooling my lad – yeah right! So my hobby time took a massive hit this year. I’m massively jealous of people who have churned out multiple large scale armies over the various lockdowns, but there in lies the danger of social media. No one’s life is perfect and FB, and the like, only give a small filtered glimpse into other people’s lives. There’s no real indication of what’s going on in their life, and everyone is different. Hope you all are staying safe, and perhaps more importantly, sane over the course of the pandemic. Here is what I achieved last year…

Adeptus Titanicus

A great game I haven’t played in over a year, sadly. Yet I have done some AT related hobby:

  • Started the Ordo Sinister Psi Titan, although ran out of impetus after a delay in getting some Scibor parts delivered.
  • Assembled and started painting my Warbringer for my Legio Solaria. Run out of steam painting armour trim.
  • Big success though, I finished my Warlord for Legio Solaria, and boy am I proud of her!

Corvus Belli Infinity

Another game I really enjoy but haven’t played in some time, although I think i did burn out a little on it if i am honest. Most of my 2019 gaming was at Rogue Games where predominantly GW games were played, and so lack of Infinity gaming wasn’t due to Covid.

Warhammer Quest ’95

Ok so this one is a bit of an oddity, in that I am attempting to recreate my own version of the 25 year old board game by GW.

  • Got some very nice cards printed.
  • Have bought a shed load of proxy minis – painted none 😦
  • In teh process of creating the board pieces.
  • Check out the Splayed Hammer Quest series of posts (again keep eyes on the blog there’s a couple of articles in draft currently).


I got caught up in the Bloodbowl Season 2 hype train, and bought the boxed set.

Other Miscellaneous Stuff

I bought into the Mantic King of War Armada game, although my interest in that has stalled for the moment. I was hoping my lad would show an interest in playing a naval game. He did briefly lol.

I’ve bought a resin printer, an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, and i’ve successfully printed some stuff. Yet more models to add to teh pile of shame 😉 However it also brings the ability to print cool accessories if the digital model exists, or even attempt to create my own! For example, I’ve got some Ordo Sinister parts to slice for the printer now. Or i’ve been struggling to find miniatures I like for Splayedhammer Quest, i’ve got some interesting looking stuff to work with now.

2021 Hobby Goals

So what do I want to achieve over the course of 2021?

Paint more. Procrastinate less!

I saw an idea I liked in the back pages of a White Dwarf mag recently; basically hobby bingo. There’s a grid of hobby objectives to complete, and you tick off a box when you’ve achieved that hobby objective. This blog is not solely a GW orientated blog, and so a little adaption will be required for my uses. But its a sound idea, and I quite like to see where it takes me over the course of a year.

4 responses to “A look back at 2020

  1. I’ve seen this bingo sheet a couple of times in the last few days. I like it, but I think I would rather recreate it in a document than keep a piece of paper up to date.

    • If I manage to complete any models this year I was intending just to update the image file with a ‘rubber stamp’. Of course that requires some painting to occur first 😉

      I also intended to create my own more generic less GW centric bingo card. But alas time was against me.

  2. Also, in terms of goals, the best decision I made in recent years was to abandon a project or model count target and just try and paint as often as possible during the year, with 3 times per week in mind. I got way more done.

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