Infinity: Game Inspired Fiction

Played Infinity for the first time in over a month last night. I really enjoyed the game against my mate Steve. I thought I would write up a short report of the game. However I ended up writing this. No pictures though.

*** PROTOCOL 17 ***
170119-1209 Mission Briefing

Hexahedron information gathering operatives have discovered a possible breach point into the XiOn-Realities secure orbital server. The operative has arranged for a lapse in the firewall software update cycling and has acquired a set of Level 3 login credentials. The combination of which gives a 3.2hr window of opportunity to integrate Siphon Iota recon-ware into Orbital Hub communication system. A tertiary data relay transmission ground station antenna array will provide a suitable location for recon-ware upload to target server via data packet piggybacking.

Due to the low security level associated with the tertiary ground station and current high priority restrictions on available resources a limited sized team for insertion is recommended. Approval of funds via the usual untraceable accounts for mercenary recruitment is granted.

Primary Mission Objectives:

Seize the Antennas

Secondary Mission Objectives:

In the field test run of Dronbot REM Block 2.74 mod patch beta.

2170120-1610 Mission Report

From: Lt D Jefferson – 2 Company, 49th Fusiliers

To: …


Team insertion went without a hitch, no enemy forces encountered approaching ground station. Firing positions were secured overlooking the station from the south and our specialists sent forward to seize the antenna array and commence recon-ware integration. At antenna #1 login issues were encountered while verifying our acquired login credentials, and we were at first unable to access system. Reports suggest some sort of handshaking lag between array and orbital station. Eventually successful installation of the recon-ware was achieved with confirmed data retrieval in progress.

Upon entering the ground station control building to access controls for antenna #2  light resistance was encountered. The Pathfinder running the Block 2.74 mod was damaged. However our Mercenary engineer, Cordelia, obtained confirmation of REM Test Run and repaired the damage from the brief exchange of fire. After which she entered ground station control centre to access antenna #2. Just as the REM had fully rebooted and was re-engaging the enemy a sustained burst of heavy fire obliterated it. Our esteemed Aquila Guard colleague identified the perpetrator as a spitfire armed Raiden Seibutai and subsequently neutralised the threat.

At this time it became apparent that the encountered resistance was not from the expected ground station security personnel. The Hexahedron intel provided was severely lacking for the planning of this Op. It transpired that we were not facing a local security firm but were up against a surprisingly heavily armed JSA contingent. During the ensuing battle it became apparent that they were not actually defending the ground station but were themselves trying to access the ground station transmission array. I was unable to determine what for but they appeared to be after the same data we were. This begs the question of whether the Hexahedron informant is a double agent or possibly even that this was an elaborate double cross on the part of XiOn-Realities.


Although we initially held the upper hand in the engagement I feel that a hasty move to reinforce our left flank resulted in needles loss of life. Agent Harrington, our Hexas Strategic Security Division operative took it upon herself to take down the flanking Ninja hacker. Maybe she was embarrassed by the poor intelligence provided, and that clouded her judgement. Or maybe she was inexperienced on the battlefield, and feeling she had the element of surprise, too eager to tackle her opposite number. Either way her brief info-war was cut short via an excellent counter hack from the JSA killer hacker.

Distracted by the reports coming from the left flank my Fireteam were surprised by the appearance of an O-Yoroi class TAG on our right. Having positioned my team to directly threaten the antenna array, we found it difficult to engage the approaching TAG with our missile launcher without compromising the team. So I ordered Scarface to engage the TAG at range to allow my Fireteam to re-position on the TAG. I have never seen such firepower brought to bear so ineffectively. Turner expended his full complement of Panzerfausts and his TAG must have been stood knee deep in spent MK12 ammo casings before he went down. You didn’t need infrared goggles to see the heat glow of those MK12 barrels!

Things might have gone differently if our “esteemed colleague” had bothered to something about the Ninja sooner. The Aquila had allowed the Ninja to bring that explosive tipped bow into range of Turner. Seemingly doing significant damage to the TAG before being taken out of the equation. The O-Yoroi had closed the distance and had swathed my teams position with heavy flamer fire. Medic Ellison tried to revive our heavy weapon specialist but to no avail. In a last ditch attempt to stop the TAG I ordered our hacker to possess it. He failed and again our position was engulfed in flames, I barely made it out of there alive. With my Fireteam out of action the JSA TAG was free to concentrate on Turner.


I’m not certain exactly how the remains of the team made it to the extraction point. I’ve not been in contact with any of the operations team since coming around in the infirmary after treatment for 2nd degree burns. I can report only 33% proposed data retrieval for the primary mission. Field testing of Block 2.74 mod patch beta was 100% successful, although I have to report total loss of the test bed REM.

I do have some reservations about the mission planning. Hexahedron information was inaccurate. The presence of such an opposing force with seemingly the same objective as us implies the work of other agencies missed by the intelligence community.


I also have to question the loyalties – wrong word, perhaps better to use affiliation – of our hired mercs. No doubt that during the initial engagement the Turner siblings got work done. But I have to question whether they were actually on the payroll of the JSA insurgents too. For man with such a reputation, especially given how he supposedly earned the monica ‘Scarface’, he was decided ineffective against the O-Yoroi. For the amount of firepower used against the TAG I’d swear Turner was aiming to miss. To add to that point, although I admit I cannot be sure given the situation at the time, I’d swear that the HMG shots that finished off Turner’s TAG barely scratched the paint. When I get out of here the Turners are the first people I’m speaking to and…


Above reports logged as evidence for case 10234789-

Court martial proceedings postponed pending outcome of medical review of Lt D Jefferson.

*** /id10022/ ***

If you made it this far you must like Infinity, so click on the O-Yoroi pilot below and go buy some models 🙂o-yoroi_pilot_art

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