Infinity Terrain: TT Combat Objective Room


I thought I would write-up a little post about some terrain i did quickly for the tournament I went to back around Halloween. It was bought on a whim really, as i currently don’t have any gaming space at home…yet. The TO for the Halloween event asked if any of us had Objective Room scenery that we could bring. So I volunteered to get this built for the event rather than build and paint my own lists 😉 As I was pressed for time, I thought I would try to get it built and painted to an OK standard as fast as I could.

Unwrapping the cellophane you get the front sheet, the 4 MDF sheets and the instruction sheet. The instructions are nice and simple to follow.


There are 4 MDF sheets in total. There’s a nice option of having the roof hatch open or closed, as the hatch has been cut around, but not fully cut. So you could if you wanted completely remove it. If I built one of these again, and I have more time I would consider making it usable with a simple hinge or something.


The parts are for the most part attached to the sprue with small uncut sections. They are probably less than 0.5mm and being lazy I just carefully twisted the parts off the MDF sprue. Although I can’t see cutting them with a suitable craft knife being an issue at all. I then found a broken section of emery board knocking around, and used that to file the MDF smooth at these locations. I think I probably took an hour to mess around and tidy up all the bits.


Once all the parts were cleaned up I laid them out to spray paint. First I used a can of white undercoat to spray the inside walls and the floor.


I also sprayed all the other parts with a can of grey undercoat. Once all dry I flipped all these parts over and sprayed the other side grey. Finally the inset detail pieces for the upright supports were spray black. Excluding drying time this didn’t take long at all, probably 10 to 20 minutes. This is what I ended up with.


I did a little bit of dry assembly to make sure the everything fitted together OK, I guess another 10 minutes.


The only issue was the top cross-piece on the doors, the slots that hold the doors in place were too narrow to slip over the walls. So these needed sanding back with the emery board.


About 10mins work for all the doors.ttcombat_objective_room_09

The chevrons on the walls have been masked off and airbrushed black. Then the chevrons themselves were airbrushed white. I wasn’t too bothered about staying inside the lines too much, the over spray would give an adequate OSL look to the chevrons when I airbrushed them with yellow ink.


The black inset pieces were airbrushed with medium silver and then an alternating dark silver was airbrushed on to give a bit of interest to the pieces.

The doors and the roof hatch were airbrushed with a light grey around the detail to add some interest again.

All told the airbrushing probably took the longest at around an hour. Assembly was fairly quick and easy as the parts interlock well together as you can see in the picture above at the dry fitting stage.

Below is the hurriedly completed objective room in use at the Halloween tournament in 2016. The last game of the event I got to play on the table with the objective room.


Now I’d said I’d complete the Objective Room for the gaming club. Initially that means completing the roof, adding the parapet, and finishing the airbrushing.

The inside was a little bland, so I printed out some Infinity art work to use as posters for the internal walls. I also googled for some scifi door security panels to print off too. I cut these out and stuck them on the walls. I did think about masking off a pattern on the floor, and is something I’d do if I was to build and paint a second – only reason I didn’t was lack of time.


The objective room so far has been very satisfying to build. It goes together well, and makes a sturdy piece of terrain. That said, the roof seems to have been designed as an after thought, in particular the parapet. The flat roof fits the objective room very snugly, it requires a small amount of force to get it to fit correctly. It requires significantly more force to get off again, this could of course be solved by sanding down the edges of the roof with the emery board, but it would require a lot of the circumference of the roof to be sanded. The parapet around the edge would be the main way of getting hold of the roof to remove it from the objective room, yet it just rests on top of the roof over 8 small contact points – unlike the rest of the structure which interlocked in a sturdy manner. For this reason I have decided to leave it off as I don’t expect the roof to remain intact in the rigours of club usage. Here is a picture of the roof with its parapet, you can see the contact points – two at each corner just short of the vertex.


As an Objective Room within the Infinity rules set I think it is very good for its cost. It is about the right size, in my opinion being perfectly acceptable as an Objective Room for ITS play. Overall floor plan size is a little over 8in when you include the buttresses (210mm). Without the buttresses the buildings base is 180mm wide. This means that internally the room’s dimensions are a little shy of 7in wide once you account for the 3mm thick MDF.


As a piece of Infinity/sci-fi terrain where you would want to have access inside while also retaining use of the roof, then I’m a little disappointed in it. However as a general piece of terrain where access inside is not required then it’s perfectly fine, especially if you weren’t interested in using the terrain without the roof. Gluing the roof and parapets in place on the building would make them fairly durable I would imagine.

TTCombat website link.

Element Games link.

An alternative Objective Room is available from TTCombat – there is a review of that room over on the Straight Outta Caledonia – well worth a visit.


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