Warcry: Heart of Ghur, Terrain #2

Following on from the previous Warcry post where I built the Heart of Ghur terrain here’s the first post about painting the terrain. I expect painting the terrain is going to take up way more than one blog article. I have previously painted up the original Warcry starter set terrain and the Ravaged Lands Corpsewrack Mausoleum, both as commissions believe it or not, so I was striving for a bit of speed to get the job done. Both used multiple spray cans to get the base layers down to build up the colour scheme from. In an attempt to speed up the painting process I decided to use different colour rattlecan spray primers for the base layers of my Heart of Ghur terrain. Given that the Heart of Ghur (I’m getting sick of typing that, so from now on it is HoG) terrrain is natural in nature rather than ‘man made’ buildings i thought that more colours might be a good idea.

Shake, Rattle, and….Spray

Probably fairly obviously the first colour was black. The whole set got a good solid coat of black primer, I used Colour Forge Matt Black spray (EG link, OP link), just because that’s what I had lying around. in fact the same goes for all the can colours they were just what I had.

I then used Army Painter Alien Purple (EG, OP currently in their Sale) on the trees, It wasn’t a solid coat, but I did try and get purple in to the deeper recesses, but i managed to leave black in the deepest locations. The purple was only used on the four main trees pieces and the small trees on the largest of the scatter terrain walls.

This was followed up by Army Painter Angel Green (EG, OP) on the lower portions of all the pieces. I also sprayed anything that was bamboo this green too. This meant all the platforms, and the bamboo walls and rope bridges were sprayed green. I did my best to minimise overspray onto the purple trees around the platforms, but only by careful spraying; I did not bother masking anything off.

The result of the purple and green sprays… (photographed on cork tiles rather than the black table so the colours show up)

Now this look really good in my opinion, but I wanted to do something with the bone parts. I used Army Painter Leather Brown (EG, OP) and again carefully spray the bone areas of the terrain. While doing this I did accidentally lightly dust the upper surfaces of the bamboo platforms. I thought that this was a very nice effect, it was very much a zenithal brown layer. So I choose to do this with all the bamboo terrain.

The result of the brown spray…

With the pleasing result of the brown spray filling me with confidence I thought I might try and go for a over all zenithal spray to help with the painting later. I had intended just to go straight to dry brushing, but I figured a light zenithal grey would reduce the amount of dry brushing needed.

Pride Comes Before A Fall

To add the last light coat of primer I used Army Painter Uniform Grey (EG, OP). The idea was a light dusting from above to highlight the upper edges. But as the heading may have clued you in… I screwed up! I was spraying in the garage with the door open, but in full sunshine, the sun being low enough to come into the front of the garage. That light dusting wasn’t so light when seen in normal light like the kitchen once it had dried 😦

If you look closely, this isn’t just an image of the freshly built terrain from the previous post, it isn’t bare plastic. You can just make out brown/green/purple under there somewhere.

What To Do?

Now do I start again, and go right back to black? Do I just suck it up and get on with it? Or do I try and redo the purple/green/brown over the grey? I honestly don’t know what to do from here. To say I was gutted was an under statement, especially as I thought it looked so good after the brown coat was added.

I’ll think it over for a while, and build some of the warband fighters. Horns of Hashut first I reckon; I have/had a hankering to build some WHFB Chaos Dwarfs at one point, these are the next best thing to that.

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2 responses to “Warcry: Heart of Ghur, Terrain #2

  1. Hi. It’s not that bad, you can still see some of the purple. Have you considered spraying some more purple from below and then maybe some green in selected areas from an angle? Sure, it’s not the same as the effect you had in mind…

    • Thanks for the suggestion Carlo, it was something I was thinking of doing. After your comment this morning I plucked up the “courage” to go and have another look at the terrain – I haven’t bothered looking since I took the photos.
      You’re right, the grey overspray isn’t as bad as I first thought. There is still a fair amount of colour coming through the grey. The worst is on the uppermost regions. I might just continue with painting them. Although my plan might have to change from simple drybrush and wash.

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