Dark Angels Legion #4

With the release of the Horus Heresy 2nd edition box rapidly approaching I really needed to sit down and get some paint on my tactical squad and transport if i wanted them painted before new stuff turned up! So I sat down and did some painting Friday night, I managed to get the first of the squad nearly finished.

This particular marine is the squad’s pathfinder, taking one for the team and working out how to paint them up. Following on from their green-black airbrush session, they were highlighted with Scale 75 Arphen Jade, with a final sharp highlight of VMC Ice Yellow.

With the green armour done, I quickly finished the trim with a gun metal silver, and glued the shoulder pads in place. The white DA symbol was based in a dark grey, then a medium grey, white grey and a pure white (I’ll detail that better in a later post).

The model was hit with a gloss varnish in preparation for a black oil wash. But before the black wash i needed to add the decal to the model’s right shoulder pad. This is where disaster struck and I made a right mess of placing the decal, and then subsequently made a bigger mess trying to get it off.

But we carried on and got this this stage on Saturday morning, having waited for the gloss varnish to dry some more before applying the oil wash.

I managed to get more painting done on Sunday, but that’s for the next post.

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