New Year, New Hobby

It’s that time of year when I traditionally* look back over last year’s posts and see how I faired against the hobby goals I set myself at the start of that year. I would also set my hobby goals for the coming year too.

However, this year I really don’t feel like it, it is bound to be a disappointing result, the amount of hobby time and completed projects** have been sorely lacking through 2021.

I can remember starting a few different projects last year, and I have a couple of others that I want to get finished from previous years (eek!). But I know I have not achieved either. There is a surprising number of models built over the last year but not painted knocking around in my house, or more likely built and primed, with maybe even a coat of paint or two. There is also a surprising number of draft articles behind the scenes here at Splayedpaintbrush Towers*** that never made it off the drawing board.

So what’s the point of this post? Well I suppose it is just to remind myself that this is a hobby blog about my hobby. The definition of a hobby is an activity or interest that is done for pleasure or relaxation. In others words, I build/paint/play with models for fun. This purpose of this post is to remind us all that it doesn’t matter that project X didn’t get finished as long as you had fun whatever you did do. Sure it’s good to finish a project, but it’s also not worth getting down about either.

Thinking back over 2021 hobby wise, now that I have got to typing this article up, I do remember enjoying a number of things in particular. Some of which made their way onto the blog, some didn’t. So instead of counting successes as finished projects, how about I just list some of the projects I had most fun with last year.

I built a number of BB teams last year, Black Orcs, Imperial Nobles, Skaven and printed Tombkings. I even started painting the Skaven.

Along with the Bloodbowl teams, I also enjoyed building a couple of small forces worth of Space Marines, Orks, and Necrons. I have 3d printed**** a host of miniatures from the very small (epic scale) to the very large (a 28mm scale titan), as well as terrain. Some of my models have even had more involved modifications which I’m proud of even if the paintwork isn’t finished. This includes traditional conversions, digital kitbashing/remixing models before printing, and even adding some electronics.

Favourite 2021 Hobby Moments

So in no particular order here are my favourite hobby moments from 2021

BB teams

  • Imperial Noble thrower, and trying to make each model different. (blog link)
  • RN Estudio Ancestral Guardians (Tomb Kings) prints and the digital remixing of the skeletons to have numbers.

Grimdark Terrain


  • Necron tester
  • Building Orks for Orktober, not that they made it onto the blog.
  • Space Marine Crimson Fists
  • Nephilim Titan by Aphyrion miniatures, with some digital remixing to make it appear more like a Reaver titan.


Not forgetting my only completed model of the year!

Plans for 2022?

Let’s not make any plans, let’s just have fun, and see if we get any gaming done.

Thanks for reading – here is the usual affiliated links paragraph. If you’d like to support the blog, please consider making your own hobby purchases through one of the affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything, I just get a little commission which helps pay the WordPress fees etc. You can click the links below or the webstore banners on the site.

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*I say tradition, but this blog is only 7 1/2 years old is 7 years enough time to call it a ‘tradition’? Also, 7 years wow!

**completed projects!!! What’s one of them?! LOL

***the 9th ed Dark angels codex was released January 2021, 25 years after the 2nd ed Angels of death codex. My first codex and the start of my allegiance with the Dark Angels. I really wish I’d got that article finished.

****a whole hobby in itself.

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