Crimson Fists

I mentioned painting some Crimson Fists in my last blog post. I figured I would show off the complete squad. I have slowly been gaining the new* Primaris marines as I really like how they look, better proportioned than the older ‘firstborn’ marines. My go to Chapter would be the Dark Angels, since their first codex release in the mid 90s. However I felt like doing something completely new for the ‘new’ marines. The Crimson Fists sprang to mind for a few reasons, I like blue, they have some iconic artwork** that has branches across the many editions of 40k, and they have a background reason to have a purely Primaris based force which is what I was thinking of building.

I just wanted a nice simple scheme to try and paint quickly. This has actually been on the back of my mind for quite a while and I happened across the Cult of Paint Painting Crimson Fists You Tube video…Bingo! This is what I wanted to try.

Well the Cult of Paint recipe is what I attempted to follow, although I did choose to use some alternative colours that I had to hand. I’ll have to come back and edit this post to name the paints; I can’t remember what they were at the moment.

The Intercessors of this squad are a mix of easy to build marines from various starter sets, plus an aux grenade launcher Intercessor from the Intercessor box set. There are a number of similar poses including the sergeant and ideally I wanted the squad leader to stand out a little. I did a quick weapon swap here, removing the pointing arm, and making an Assault Intercessor Sergeant’s arm (from the starter sets) fit the shoulder. I then took the opportunity to print some Imperial Fist accessories. Namely a thunder hammer and a tilting shield. I simply chopped the chainsword off the arm, and swapped it for the hammer.

The unit markings are waterslide transfers, which I applied over a gloss varnish. I had some issues with the highly curved portions of the shoulder pad. Where I was trying to get a 2D image to conform to a 3D surface. Naturally this caused some creases.

To be fair the above Fists decal on the pad isn’t the worst example (nor is it in focus) but two products, Micro Set and Micro Sol worked treat to make the decals conform to the surface.

The basing was a little experiment, using Vallejo Light Brown Thick Mud slapped onto the bases, it was a lot brighter than I expected (see image above) so I used a few different weathering pigment shades to darkener it down a bit. I also added the occasional small piece of cork painted up as a rock. The last basing experiment was using Gamers Grass Alien Pink tufts. I’m not sure yet whether I have chosen the right colour, and have only placed them on one base so far.

Here’s a couple more images of my Crimson Fists.

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*Can the Primaris Marines still be called new?

**In trying to find the artwork online somewhere to acquire for the article I stumbled across this hidden gem. Do you like the Crimson Fists? Do you like any of the various takes of the Crimson Fists’ Last Stand artwork? Do you have fond memories of 2nd Edition 40k or Rogue Trader? Go check out this fantastic diorama Rogue Trader: Last Stand

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