X-Wing: Acronym and Jargon Busting

“Understand you must, if a great X-Wing pilot, you will be”


When you are browsing the X-Wing related forums it becomes immediately clear that squad building seems to have a language all of its own. As a casual player I find this a bit annoying but I guess this is mostly because it takes me a little longer to understand what the original author is talking about, and usually requires me looking through some cards (and this thread is useful for that).

This is my attempt to try and both help you and myself out a little by trying to compile a list of all the acronyms and jargon.

Any mistakes, or something missing add it to the comments below and I shall integrate it into the tables.

Acronym Table

After a short amount of browsing the forums it soon becomes apparent that the acronym can be very context sensitive. I have seen A-Wing threads mentioning ‘GSP’ as well as threads using Y-Wings, and Imperial threads using ‘BSP’ and wondered why on earth a B-Wing is in there. So be careful when reading the forums, you’ll see whey when you look down the list.

Acronym or Shorthand Card Name Card Type
ACD Advanced Cloaking Device Modification
AM / Ass Assault Missiles Missile
AP / Academy Academy Pilot TIE Fighter
APL Anti Pursuit Lasers Modification
APT Advanced Proton Torps Torpedo
AR / Rush Adrenaline Rush Elite Pilot Talent
AS Advanced Sensors System
ASP / Alpha Alpha Squadron Pilot TIE Interceptor
ASP / Avenger Avenger Squadron Pilot TIE Interceptor
BH Bounty Hunter Firespray-31
BMSP Blackmoon Squadron Pilot E-Wing
BSP Black Squadron Pilot TIE Fighter
BSP Bandit Squadron Pilot Z-95
BSP / Blue Blue Squadron Pilot B-Wing
BT Blaster Turret Turret
CM / Cluster Cluster Missiles Missile
CM / Conc Concussion Missiles Missile
SPA Stygium Particle Accelerator Modification
CR / Refit Chardaan Refit Missile
DSP / Dag Dagger Squadron Pilot B-Wing
DSP / Delta Delta Squadron Pilot TIE Defender
DTF Draw Their Fire Elite Pilot Talent
EH Expert Handling Elite Pilot Talent
ES Enhanced Scopes System
EU Engine Upgrade Modification
FCS Fire Control System System
FI Flight Instructor Crew
FT Flechette Torpedoes Torpedo
GSP / Grey Grey Squadron Pilot Y-Wing
GSP / Gold Gold Squadron Pilot Y-Wing
GSP / Green Green Squadron Pilot A-Wing
GSP / Gamma Gamma Squadron Pilot TIE Bomber
HLC Heavy Laser Cannon Cannon
HM Homing Missiles Missile
HU / Hull Hull Upgrade Modification
IA / Intel Inteligence Aganet Crew
Ibby Ibtisam B-Wing
IC Ion Cannon Cannon
ICT Ion Cannon Turret Turret
IPM / Pulse Ion Pulse Missiles Missiles
KSP Knave Squadron Pilot E-Wing
MC / Merc Mercenary Copilot Crew
MF Munitions Failsafe Modification
OGP Omicron Group Pilot Lambda Shuttle
ORS Outer Rim Smuggler YT-1300
OSP Obsidian Squadron Pilot TIE Fighter
PB Proton Bomb Bomb
PM / Prox Proximity Mine Bomb
PP / Proto Prototype Pilot A-Wing
PTL Push the Limit Elite Pilot Talent
RC / Captive Rebel Captive Crew
RGP Royal Guard Pilot TIE Interceptor
RGT Royal Guard Tie Title
RS / Recon Recon Specialist Crew
RSP / Red Red Squadron Pilot X-Wing
SD / Stealth Stealth Device Modification
SJ Sensor Jammer System
SL Squad Leader Elite Pilot Talent
SSP / Sabre Sabre Squadron Pilot TIE Interceptor
SSP / Scimitar Scimitar Squadron Pilot TIE Bomber
SSP / Shadow Shadow Squadron Pilot TIE Phantom
SSP / Sigma Sigma Squadron Pilot TIE Phantom
SSP / Storm Storm Squadron Pilot TIE Adv
ST / Swarm Swarm Tactics Elite Pilot Talent
SU Shield upgrade Modification
TC Targeting Computer Modification
TN / Ten Ten Numb B-Wing
TP A-Wing Test Pilot Modification
TSP / Tala Tala Squadron Pilot Z-95
TSP / Tempest Tempest Squadron Pilot TIE Adv
VI Vet Veteran Instincts Elite Pilot Talent
WE Weapons Engineer Crew

Jargon Table

Again if there is anything missing or incorrect please comment below and I shall update the table.

Jargon Rough Translation
Fettigator Boba Fett + Navigator crew upgrade
Buzzsaw Lambda with Gunner upgrade
Doom Shuttle Lambda with Darth Vader
TIE Swarm Squad consisting of Howlrunner, usually, with a number of TIE fighters flying in tight formation. Usually numbering 6 or more.
Mini Swarm Again a squad consisting of Howlrunner, usually, but with a much smaller number of TIE fighters, upto 4.
Flanker A single ship deployed away from your main force, usually a highly mobile ship that would pose a significant threat once behind the opponents lines.
Han Shoots First Squad consisting of Han Solo with appropriate upgrades flying with a couple of basic X-Wings. Han’s high PS helps him shoot early on, and his ability and appropriate upgrades can do signifcant damage to what he shoots at.
Trench Run Squad consisting of the 3 X-Wing pilots that make the succesful attack run on the first Death Star, namely Luke, Biggs & Wedge.
Dual Falcons Squad consisting of 2 tricked out YT-1300s, normally Han and Chewie.
Focus Battery This is a HWK-290, usually Kyle Katarn, with the Moldy Crow title and Recon Specialist crew. Kyle allows you to pass focus out to your other ships, Recon Specialist generates 2 focus tokens per Focus action, and the Moldy Crow title allows you to collect focus tokens turn after turn.
XXXX Squad consisting of 4 X-Wings
XXYY Squad consisting of 2 X-Wings and 2 Y-Wings
XXBB Squad consisting of 2 X-Wings and 2 B-Wings
EZZY Squad consisting of an E-Wing, 2 Z-95, and a Y-Wing
Biggs Walks The Dogs Biggs Darklighter escorting two B-Wing Dagger Squadron Pilots and a X-Wing Rookie Pilot.

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