What’s the strangest thing your wife has caught you doing?

What’s the strangest thing your wife has caught you doing? Wargaming hobby related of course!

I am sure I am not the only one to have cut my finger with a craft knife, or stabbed myself with a pin vice, or even super glued a couple of fingers together*. This sort of thing usually ends up amusing the wife in some way, if she finds out. However over the weekend I achieved a new level of the standard wifely exclamation:

“What on earth have you been doing?!”

The wife had gone to cook a pizza on Sunday evening and found that I had left an old oven tray with a load of stones on it in the oven. I hadn’t left the oven on, in fact I had put the stones in the oven after cooking a lamb hot pot, while the oven was cooling down. So they hadn’t even been in there with any food. Yet for some weird reason this did not earn me any brownie points, even after pointing out the following:

  • It’s an old rusty oven tray you don’t like me to use anyway.
  • No food was in the oven at the same time, not that that would really matter as I was only evaporating the water off them.
  • The oven wasn’t left on to dry them, as I was just using the residual heat of the oven after finishing cooking.
  • She would never have known if I hadn’t forgot to take them out after they had cooled off.

Perhaps the last point was badly made 😉

So what was I up to?


I am in the process of making some asteroids for X-Wing, it’ll make its way into an article on here at some point. I’ll be making the asteroids out of lava rocks, you know the ones for gas barbecues, I bought a cheap 1kg bag of them during the summer from the supermarket. They have been in the garage since then waiting for me to do something with them. A couple of the guys at the club are planning on running an escalation X-Wing league over the next 3 months so I figured I’d go and make the asteroids for that league. I opened the bag the other day and found that it had a lot of condensation on the inside and the rocks were damp. So before I even started to glue or paint them I needed to dry them out. Hence Oven-Gate and the mysterious oven tray of stones.

I am making out like the wife was mad with me, she wasn’t really. I just got that roll of the eyes, shrug of the shoulders and shake of the head that means she just finds me and my little schemes amusing at times.

So folks what is the strangest hobby related thing that your wife/husband/partner/significant other has caught you doing?

Now you’ll have to excuse me I have to go clean some lava rocks with a tooth brush…. Out of sight of “The Mrs” of course 😉

*Although in our household I am not the only one to achieve this feat of ingenuity. As my wife has once super glued her fingers together. She was trying to fix her fake finger nails back on (I am sure there is a technical term for fake finger nails that has escaped me) and stuck her fingers together. For a while she was adamant that she was not using super glue but she was in fact using finger nail glue. Until I went and pointed out the ingredients list on the bottles, the latter having an additional pale pink colouring. Maybe I should have waited until after freeing her fingers for me to prove that point?

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