Gaming At Rogue Games

Today I introduced my son to something new, the local games store! This is something that has recently opened up in Leyland; Rogue Games, and its only five or so minutes from home. I have only really just started using it. Its a really nice shop, nice and clean with a modern open plan feel to it.

I’d finished work early and as the Mrs was off out to celebrate her friend’s birthday, me and the lad got out from under her feet while she was getting ready. I took Josh down to Rogue Games with some X-Wing models, hoping we’d be able to play a game.

We rocked up and there was a free table, it was Friday afternoon so I wouldn’t have necessarily have expected there not to be really. However Josh is only 5, and I was half expecting some sort of hesitancy* at having such a young one in the store – but that was completely unfounded. We were made really quite welcome.

Josh’s opening gambit – the Red squadron pilot engages head on, while Poe Dameron swings round to flank the Tie Fighters. Not bad tactics for a 5 year old eh! There again he’s only flying against me, another year and I’ll struggle to beat him 😉

Don’t worry this is not going to be a blow by blow account of a 39yr old losing to a 5 yr old…amusing as that might be.

See what I mean about the nice light open plan feel, while still having a separate shop and game room. You can see we were playing on the first table, a 6×4 ft table by the looks of it. There was a second 6×4 footer behind me, and then two more smaller tables, which I think were 4x4ft. One had the Warcry demo set up on it. The other was either set up for either WH40K or Kill Team – not sure from memory – also same thing I suppose.

Although only a small store, the shop is well stocked with miniatures:

  • Games Workshop
  • Knight Model’s Harry Potter Miniatures Game
  • Star Wars X-Wing
  • Star Wars Armarda
  • Star Wars Legion
  • Rune Wars
  • Probably more I can’t remember.

It also has a sizeable collection of board games. Although, as I am not a board gamer I really can’t comment on them. Some caught my/our attention. For example, Josh spotted one with penguins on the box art. ‘Hey, that’s my fish!’ – I think that was what it was called. If you’re reading this and have played this game, is it any good? Do you think a smart 5 year old could play it? (the box says 8+, but he can actually play X-Wing with not that much help from me really)

Oh, if you’re wondering how the X-Wing went… after the opening joust it devolved into a swirling dog fight. Don’t worry ‘I know a few manoeuvres’ but as it turns out so does Josh – sometimes quite random ones I admit, but he managed to avoid the asteroids pretty well. I lost one of mine first, and we called that the end of the game.

Josh – 1 : Dad – nil.

About 30-40 minutes attention span isn’t bad for a 5 yr old after all.

Oh and I’ve now been asked to find a Star War’s blue print poster for Josh’s wall like they have in the shop lol.

Of course I didn’t come away from the store empty handed, but that’s for another blog post (and I told Josh not to tell Mummy – like that’ll work, it’ll be the first thing he says in the morning). In the mean time, Rogue Games has a webstore, as you’d expect, check it out buy some stuff**.

*unlike this evening when I took Josh to a local Canoe Club and got turned away for him being too young – different story for a different hobby of mine.

**but also go buy stuff from GoblinGaming or ElementGames – they aren’t my local game store but I do get some commission if you use those links – pays the wordpress fees etc.

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