Guild Ball Morticians – Pulling Strings

Exactly a year ago I posted up some Morticians that I’d painted up for Ben, our local pundit, link to previous post. Fortunately that article gave a good run down of how they were painted, as a couple of weeks ago I got the job of painting the rest of the Morticians’ models. Its the models that form the Stings Of The Spirit Weaver box, except for Bonesaw who was painted the first time round. Read on for a photo dump of the completed models.

Brainpan & Memory

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Veteran Graves and Vileswarm

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The only real additional painting recipe to add to those in last year’s post was how I painted the rats. As with all the models they were airbrushed VMC Black Grey and progressively airbrushed VMA Dark Sea Grey, VMA Grey Primer and VMA Light Grey. Black thinned right down to a wash like consistency was then used to shade the rats but only a little to keep them looking grey rather than black. The tails were VMA Light Grey mixed with P3 Carnal Pink, to give a light pinky pale grey. This mix was also applied to the rat’s ears and nose. Later on the brightness was toned down with thinned black again. Final touch was to paint the eye black, on some of the larger rats I contemplated added a white dot as a light reflection, but chickened out in case I ended up attempting it on every single rat.


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Black Marble

There was an attempt at a black marble casket/coffin here. I can’t remember what colours I used now. It was done as an experiment in about 30mins. If i remember i’ll come back and edit this post. P3 Menoth White was one of them. Anyway the idea was to thin down the paint to apply as the marbling and quickly draw random lines over the casket. Bare in mind this was done of a fiarly light grey base coat. I’d then give teh casket a black wash. And repeat the process, but try and losely follow the previous lines. This was done 4 or 5 times, I also highlighted the edges at the same time. Fianlly a couple of black coats to end up with what you see.


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I have to admit, I haven’t quite matched the wooden handles of the previous batch of Morts, perhaps they could have done with being another shade or two darker.

The Completed Second Batch

The basing is also mentioned in that previous post.

The Full Team

I’d asked if i could have the first set of models, to attempt to match up the paint colours. I needn’t have worried though – in case you hadn’t noticed I’m actually impressed with my previous post and my ability to follow the recipes. But it also gave me the opportunity to get a group shot of them all (minus ball 😦 ).

If you did go and read that previous post I keep banging on about, and you read it to the end, you may be wondering why my Masons are still not finished? An embarrassingly good question! I’ll have to sort that out as I am going to SteamCon, and I can’t turn up there with unpainted models!!!

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