Ironfang Pikemen – Brass tubing replacement of the spear shafts


Welcome back to the second part of my Iron Fang Pikemen article. Previously I showed you how I went about replacing the Pikemen’s pikes with brass rod, now I will show you my second method where I replace the pikes with brass tube.

Method 2: Brass Tubing

The idea is the same as the previous method but this time replacing the pikes with tubing. The reason for the tube is because the outside diameter can match very closely with the diameter of the pike shaft. However the internal diameter is smaller allowing you to use a smaller drill bit to drill through the hand and not have to remove material from the hand to avoid a step in the shaft as described in step 6 of method 1. The end result is to have a much thicker looking shaft to the pike. A comparison of models using each method can be found towards the end of this article.

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