Legio Solaria Warlord: Sagitta Verum

Well I finished my Warlord, only 22 months after starting putting it together – geez I’m slow.

  • Warlord Sagitta Verum, the Arrow of Truth
  • Princeps Cayttei Lueze
  • During the opening months of the Horus Heresy the Warlord Titan Sagitta Verum saw service on Aedlingon 5, during the Sibarton Offensive where she sustained heavy damage to her left leg and motivators. After refit the next major action was on Clarendon 3 against traitorous forces of Legio Xestobiax under the command of Princeps Tonbo. The ensuing titan conflict wrought heavy loses on both sides. The loss of a number of titans from Lueze’s maniple has ensured if their paths cross again that vengeance shall be served against Princeps Tonbo.

Don’t worry I wont give up my day job to write back story for my titans. I realise it is not my strong point 🙂

However, by way of apology, here are some more pictures of my Solaria titans. The Reaver is nearly there – I just need to finish the Laser Blaster arm.

The Warhounds are also close to being finished. I need to finish the weapons and add some slight weathering.

Warbringer – ahhh – no progress here, so I won’t spoil this post with a mostly incomplete titan.

Nevertheless progress is being made, I have just got to come up with some good Titan names and well written back story 😦

2 responses to “Legio Solaria Warlord: Sagitta Verum

  1. These are all very nice! Pleased to see your progress on this. I’m finally getting a move on with my planned Solaria maniples. I’ve mixed in some of my own ideas with the green scheme I’ve pinched from you!

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