Happy New Year

In the past at New Year I’ve looked back over the year and looked at what I’ve achieved verses what I set out to do. I’m not going to bother this year, I know I never got anywhere near painting/building/playing what I hoped to over 2018.

So what are my aims for 2019?

Well, I’m going to keep this short and simple and hence achievable!

  1. Finish the Adeptus Titanicus models.
  2. Play some games.
  3. Build some terrain.

Told you, short and simple. Maybe in 2020 I can do a New Year post and not be embarrassed. So how about showing you the hobby work done over the Christmas holiday…

I’ve been painting up some Adeptus Titanicus models. I’ve not finished the Reaver I was testing an Imperial Hunters paint scheme on, but I have dry fitted painted panels to it, and it looks good so far.

And with an alternate carapace…

I have also been building two Warhounds, hull and armour has been spray undercoated black. While I have utilised my 3D printer to provide an interesting base for them.

I printed out this Thunderhawk. At a size that I felt was appropriate. I then set about turning it in to a traitor transport and subsequently breaking it up for wreckage.

The idea was to have the wreck split across the matching bases of a pair of Warhounds.

Not quite finished, but I think the biggest issue now will be making the Warhounds feet/legs fit the bases.

Tell you something, that 3D printer is cool as f&#£. It’s done great work for my hobbying, and for other stuff. Even printed some Christmas pressies that went down a treat!

So there is the bare minimum AT maniple to paint up in 2019, and Imperial Hunters they will be. I’ve got some Imperial Hunter themed/coloured dice ready to use in their first game too!

You’d be forgiven for thinking I’m almost ready to complete my New Year’s Reso-hobby-lutions. There’s still a bunch of other things I’d also like to do. More than likely going to distract me at some point too. We’ll see if a simple short list is achievable this year 😉

All the best for 2019, thanks for taking the time to look over my blog.


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