Tunguska Jurisdictional Command – Unboxing

When my friend first picked up Infinity, it was effectively a coin flip between Panoceania and Nomads as to which force I started with. Blue is my favourite colour, I liked both the Pano and Nomad background story, I really did like the Tunguska background. Anyway blue won out, and I painted up Pano as you’ve seen throughout this blog. However, what you haven’t seen is a secret little stash of Nomads – the only ones of which got as far as undercoating were the Interventors; Tunguska in the making!

I bought the Tunguska starter box from Goblin Gaming and I picked it up from the sorting office this morning. So I thought I would share one of my favourite bits of the hobby with you – getting a first look at the models straight out of the box.

The Securitate

I wonder how much their profile will change, and if it will bring the cost down to that of the Alguaciles or Moderators. It already has some obvious changes in the weapon load outs, these guys have combi-rifles, where as the old profile had combi-rifle + light shotgun. I think I remember seeing a boarding shotgun option on the dossier, which wasn’t available on the old profile either.

Screen grab of the Securitate dossier.


Next up the Heckler, this guy’s profile looks really cool.

Profile, in case you’ve some how not seen it.

Heckler Dossier

Hollow Man

I am sure I read some cool background for these guys, in that they are G:Remote Presence REM or HI because the controller is effectively a brain in a jar back in the bank vaults on Tunguska.

Hollow Man Dossier

Kriza Boracs

Finally the Kriza Boracs – armed with HMG. Looks like this might be a Lieutenant option for the box.

That’s all the models from the box. Hope the pictures show enough detail for you, they were quickly snapped on my phone.

There is one slight, tiny, minor niggle about this release. It seems that Corvus have stopped putting tokens on the box flaps recently. All four box laps used to have different tokens to cut out and use, I thought this was a great idea. I’m sad to see they are no longer doing this 😦

Finally, as mentioned earlier, I bought this box from Goblin Gaming. If you would like to support the blog please buy your hobby product through either my Goblin Gaming links, or Element Games links. Goblin Gaming is much cheaper for Infinity product though, and better customer service too πŸ™‚

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