Godtear; What To Build First?

Steamforged Games’ new game Godtear has started shipping to those that bought in to the early access playtest. (looks like it is still available in the SF Store, click on the store’s banner image to find it)

Now if you are a regular visitor to this site (do I have those? If so… thank you) you’ll know that I’m into the painting/modelling side of the hobby, so while I am excited to play a new game, I’m more excited at the prospect of new models. The prime reason I bought into the early release is because of the metal models – I am not a fan of the plastics, as they stand from the Guild Ball models. I believe it’s been stated that the game will have a similar production/distribution model to what Guild Ball has now that it has gone plastic, i.e. a champion and their follows will be sold as a box of pre-assembled plastic models with their associated accessories. However before going to retail the game will be Kickstarted, and I’m wishfully hoping there will be more metal/resin minis available as exclusives for me to grab then. After that who knows, but until then I’m planning on enjoying my time building/painting metal models and contributing to the play test.

I’ve received my shipping notification from Steamforged today, it’ll be just my luck to arrive tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. I’ll end up in the bad books if I spend all evening messing with models rather than acknowledging the existence of the wife lol.

Once it arrives I am hoping to spend the next few days getting pics up of the models, then eventually how I’ve gone about assembling, basing, and finally painting them.


What shall I work on first? You won’t have long to get your votes in though – I’m too excited to wait for long!

EDIT: VOTING CLOSED – THANKS FOR YOUR VOTE (I have some building to do)

2 responses to “Godtear; What To Build First?

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