Painted Panoceania ORC HMG

Back in February I posted an article about converting an Operation Icestorm sculpt ORC to have a HMG, specifically using an alternative method to the simple Aquila Guard HMG arm swap. Infinity has taken a back seat to Guild Ball at the gaming club, consequently my drive to paint Infinity models has sadly diminished. That was unto I found out what the Q3 Mayacast Masterglass theme was, and suddenly the urge to paint that HMG armed ORC Heavy Infantry model returned. Thank you Mayacast!

I have to admit I have struggled with this model, it’s no where near as good as my last Masterglass entry – Scarface. Its painted in the same manner as most of my Pano models, I’m just a bit out of practice at it really. I also think I need to go get my eyes tested, or not paint late at night; one or the other. Anyway enough excuse making, here are the pictures.

Also I couldn’t resist messing about with the image, that’s why I’ve got a (poorly done) cinematic header picture on this post 🙂

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There is the big bad ORC in all his glory, and what follows is a quick run down of how he was painted.

Blue Armour

This has kind of evolved from my early Pano models where I was trying to copy Angel Giraldez’ (FB link) technique outlined in his books, both Vol1 & Vol2 (EG link). The base airbrushing in his recipe uses the same Vallejo colours:

  • Prussian Blue (EG link)… oops see edit below.
  • Blue Green (EG link)
  • White

However, for some reason I changed a paint colour or two when I was painting my Aquila guard, and I really liked how that turned out – but didn’t blooming well write down what paints I used. So on this model I highlighted P3 Frostbite (EG link) and then shaded with P3 Coal Black (EG link), with final highlights of white. To see if it was the coal black that would give me a match to the Aquila Guard’s blue armour.

EDIT: After writing this up, while I was getting the links for the paints, I have discovered I can’t read a book properly now either. There are two ‘Prussian’ blues available from Vallejo, and I own both for some reason. The blue I should have used was Dark Prussian Blue (EG link). Maybe I’ve never realised and I’ve just been using them interchangeably when painting my Pano, FFS!

Here is a pic of the Aquila Guard I’m talking about.


Panoceania Aquila Guard with HMG

Black Gun

Nothing exciting to write about here, the gun is black, highlighted Black Grey (EG link), and then medium grey (I think it was this), with a white highlight. Then a black glaze to bring all that together, with a final edge highlight in a few key places with white.

Purple Lights

Again nothing exciting here either,

  • AP Alien Purple (EG link) base.
  • mix with a bit of P3 Carnal Pink (EG link) first highlight,
  • mix white into the previous colour for a second highlight.

The final mix is glazed around the lights to attempt to give that OSL glow.

HMG Magazine

Back to the Giraldez book which uses Cavalry Brown (EG link), Orange Brown (EG link), Sunny Skintone (EG link) along with white and Sepia Ink (EG link). I don’t have any Cavalry Brown so I did my best Heavy Brown (EG link) instead, as I thought it would go over the black easier. Or at least I think I don’t have Cavalry Brown, given the Prussian Blue incident – and not being able to read – maybe I should double check.

I’m also not sure I’m comfortable using the Vallejo inks yet – I had some unexpected tide line issues.

White Armour Sections

No amazing techniques here either:

  • P3 Beast Hide (EG link) base,
  • P3 Menoth White (EG link) layer 1,
  • P3 Menoth White Highlight (EG link) layer 2,
  • white final highlight.


This definitely isn’t my best work, so I won’t explain too much. I use Black Grey as a base for the circle. Leaving a little grey showing round the edge as a border I then paint white as the ‘blank canvas’ to work from. I then paint simple block colour shapes to build up the logo. Colours used: Black Grey, White, P3 Arcane Blue (EG link), P3 Skorne Red (EG link).

Admire The Other Masterglass Entries!

Thanks for reading, now go and admire the other Mayacast Masterglass Q3 2017 Heavy Infantry entries over in their Facebook Album. There are some awesome paint jobs in there of a much higher standard than mine, well worth a look through! Results are out on Friday, it will be interesting to see which model wins. My money is on the Al Fasid, but there are some very strong contenders, Joan, Montessa, Swiss Guard (if the Al Fasid doesn’t win then I think this), Hector, something big & Haqq, something Yu Jing, Father Knight, man there’s a lot of good stuff I haven’t linked to. There are a lot of different painting styles, and a lot of pictures – So glad I’m not judging this.


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