Almost There: Legio Solaria Reaver Titan

I’ve very slowly been making progress on my Reaver Titan. It seems an age since I started down the Solaria road, and it has – think it was last December I posted my mottled green armour test. Today I glued armour plates in place, and messed with the Solaria decal sheets to save having to freehand anything. Having done that I felt like I’d actually achieved something – enough to blog about at any rate.

Anyhow here are some pics:

I’m really pleased with how the red armour has turned out. At first it was very flat and boring, but inspired by the colour images in the Titandeath supplement I decided to try a marble effect. I think it has come out better than I expected.

There are still things I need to do. I’ve been lazy with highlighting the trim for example. Missed the ‘eyes’ and and I keep spotting other details 😂.

I haven’t used waterside transfers for decades – and that is no exaggeration. Even as a teenager I’d rather paint a Dark Angel symbol on a Marine’s shoulder pad that use a decal. However, the GW AT decal sheets look really nice so I thought I’d give the Solaria one a go. I did do some research though, bought some Microset and Microsol, and spent a few hours* on You Tube. I’d recommend this video by Sonic Sledgehammer Studio for how to use decals.

Weathering – I need to do a little weathering. I don’t intend to have her battle worn and long over due a service. I just want to dirty up the feet a little after stomping over some power generators. Also want to add some gun barrel heat tempering/smoke soot weathering too.

Last but not least – she needs a name!

*You Tube is some sort of time warp. You spend 5mins watching something, but in the real world an hour passes!

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