Samurai Dice Bag

Test of Honour requires token being drawn blind to determine the models activated. To do this it is suggested to draw the tokens from a bag or cup. My immediate thought was – ‘oooh can I find a Samurai/Japan/Far East themed dice bag for this?’

The answer…

After a while searching both Google and Ebay for a suitable bag I was not having much luck. By chance I stumbled upon a post by someone in the FB Test Of Honour Group advertising a range of Samurai game themed bags. These are hand crafted dice bags made to order and as such are highly customisable. They are made by Saddle-Goose Designs – if you are looking for a Samurai dice bag, or have a design in mind then go check them out, I highly recommend them.

Another shot of the dice bag, but with a ruler to give a sense of proportion.

Samurai Dice Bag with ruler

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