The Christmas Geeking Haul

Happy New Year
This is my first post of the year and I thought I’d show off the gaming/modelling related gifts I was lucky enough to get for Christmas.
And of course make some New Years Resolutions that I’ll fail to keep, as per tradition. 😉

First up was this cool little model of the Millennium Falcon.


It’s made by a company called Metal Earth 3D. It comes as flat sheets of metal, I guess they’re etched, you press out each component and form it to the required shape. Joints are made with little folding tabs. I built this on boxing day afternoon while 350 miles away my youngest nephew was building the Lego Falcon (I was a little jealous of that lol).
I enjoyed this kit so much I have ordered two more; the Slave 1 kit, and a none Star Wars related kit,an F-35 Lightning II.

Swapping Star Wars to Infinity for the next gift. I got the latest Panoceania TAG kit, the Seraph. It is a really nice kit, I am looking forward to painting it.


I have made a start on it, all the parts are cleaned up. I have pinned a couple of joints, but no glue just yet. Need to build a custom base for it first.

Back to Star Wars for the final and biggest box: Imperial Assault.


I have opened up this and spent a bit of time going through the contents. Reading the rules, punching out the tiles and tokens, and looking at the models. I was really surprised by the models, in such a box I wasn’t expecting the quality of sculpt that it contained. They don’t match the quality of top manufacturers obviously, but they are quite nice and I am looking forward to painting them (because I am bound to try).
I have also had a mess around pushing figures and rolling dice, and my first impressions are that it’s a cool game. I have yet to really play it though.

So what about my resolutions?
Well these are the gaming related goals I want to achieve this year.
1, paint Imperial Assault (and whatever expansions I end up getting).
2, paint up at least 300 points of Infinity, ideally double that.
3, build a gaming table.
4, post regularly on my blog, at least once a month, but ideally twice a month.

Let’s see I fair with those at the end of the year.

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