October Wash Out

Sadly this month has been a bit of a wash out hobby wise so far. I just haven’t had time to sit down and crack on with my painting.

I had a few goals I wanted to achieve this month, and currently not one is looking likely. But I’ll give a little run down of what has happened this month.

  • I have assembled one Iron Fang Uhlan
  • I also found a miscast component or two, so fired a quick email off to eumissingparts@privateerpress.com and had them replaced before I could blink. That was some slick service from those guys!
  • I have started my painting for this month in the form of Yuri the Axe, a Widowmaker Marksman, and a converted Widowmaker Marksman. This picture is their current state and shows how little has been done so far this month.wpid-wp-1414015315839.jpeg
  • Finally, I have received a parts order from Zinge Industries and a parts order is on its way from Privateer Press Store. But more on those in a separate post 😉

Speaking of Zinge Industries I have asked them to give me on quote for casting up my bases. If it is good enough I may actually achieve what I set out to do in 2010 and sell my own base inserts.

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