October’s Plan

Last month was a bit hectic in the old hobby painting department, after I set myself a target of taking a fully painted army to a tournament at the end of September. So this month I shall be taking it easy, I still have some stuff I want to get done though.

I didn’t quite finish my second caster last month, Sorscha1, there is still a little work to do on her, same goes for the jack I was using too. So I want to complete those models.

I also wanted to have a model completed for Lost Hemisphere’s September Paint the Target. Unfortunately I didn’t even get round to starting my Widowmaker Marksman conversion. So this month I want to paint something for LH’s October Paint the Target, for that I plan to paint up Yuri the Axe.

Yuri the Axe gives me an interesting opportunity to see how my painting has (hopefully) improved over the years. I painted him back around 2008-ish when I first started playing Warmachine. I still have the model, along with a couple of others I painted back then, and instead of stripping them I have bought new models to paint up to allow a side by side comparison.

After that I have a number of models I want to start to assemble.

October’s to do list…


  1. Sorscha1
  2. Juggernaut Chassis jack
  3. Yuri the Axe
  4. Widowmaker Marksman conversion


  1. 5x Iron Fang Uhlans
  2. Kovnik Markov
  3. Old witch + Scrapjack


So it’s only a small list for me then 😉 However no deadlines to pressurize me, so I can enjoy my hobby this month and as long as I get enough painting done for the PP forum’s Tale of 2014 I’ll be happy.

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