Can I get a caster painted this month? – Update 8

Can I get a caster painted this month? Yes I can!

Well I have succeeded, I have manage to paint Butcher1 this month. I am really pleased with how he has turned out, but there is always room for improvement. Let me know what you think and leave a comment below. Finished pictures are at the end of my painting recipe waffling.

Axe Head Paint Chips & Scratches

In my last update I mentioned not being happy with how the axe head turned out, because I had painted the red at a different time to the rest of the armour I ended up with a brighter red on the axe than I wanted. In the end I didn’t really go back and fix the over vibrant colour, I actually added paint chips and scratches to the axe head. That seemed to work a treat and I am happy with the result.

Chipping method:

  • P3 Battlefield Brown was painted onto the axe head where I wanted a paint chip to be.
  • GW Mithral Silver was painted inside the Brown chip leaving a dark line around the silver scratch.
  • Mix of P3 Khador Red Base and P3 Menoth White Highlight was used to add a very fine line next to the outside of the brown chip. This was to represent the edge of the red paint catching the light as it was chipped off.
  • Army Painter Strong Tone wash was used to tone down the brightness a little.


I added some freehand text to the inside of the coat. It says “For the Motherland” or it would do, but “therland” would be hidden behind his legs 😉 The paints used were:

  • P3 Sanguine Base as a solid base colour for the inside of the coat.
  • P3 Idrian Flesh to mark out the freehand on the inside of the coat, touching up the base coat afterwards.
  • P3 Skorne Red mixed with Sanguine Base for highlighting the coats folds.
  • P3 Moldy Ochre was traced over the Idrian Flesh text.
  • P3 Red Ink mixed with a little Army Painter Strong Tone was glazed over the whole inside of the coat.

Axe Blade

The axe blade (along with the axe shaft and the gun) is simply two colours. Although I am not great at metallics I do like to try to paint them. The way I have painted how the light plays across the blade isn’t perfect but its good enough for me. The colours were:

  • P3 Thamar Black
  • GW Mithral Silver

The black was used both as a thin wash and as a more opaque paint, it was also used to mix with the silver and darken it down a bit too.


The boiler received a bog standard wash and highlight treatment, although the smoke stacks were treated differently to try to simulate a heat tarnished exhaust.

Tarnished smoke stacks:

  • P3 Cold Steel base coat
  • P3 Radiant Platinum light, drybrush
  • VMC Old Gold, light drybrush
  • Foundry 43A Burnished Copper Highlight, light drybrush
  • Foundry 43 B Burnished Copper, light drybrush
  • P3 Thamar Black, light drybrush

Each successive dry brush covered less of the smoke stack until a touch of black was dry-brushed around the top for some soot build up.


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5 responses to “Can I get a caster painted this month? – Update 8

  1. Hey you made it! With some weeks to spare too.

    I think he turned out splendidly. The axe-head solution you have come up with works so well and Lola looks extra menacing now. Love the freehand on the inside of the coat as well; very cleanly executed. I also really appreciate the extra time to dirty up the smoke stack. I much prefer the soot plenty version of these steam powered devices over the shinier look.

    Impressed to say the least! Looking forward to whatever is next.

    • Well after my appalling game at the club on Thursday night I am tempted to go back and put battle damage on Butcher’s armour like i did on the axe 😉

    • Thanks Livia, I went back and added a little damage to Butcher’s armour (after an abysmal game with him), turns out my technique didn’t work as well for the black armour as it did for the red, unfortunately.

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