Dark Angels Legion #3 – printer go “BRRRRTT”

I should be painting models, that’s what I am supposed to be doing. But I’ve got distracted again, its really not a surprise though. I stumbled across some really nice looking STL parts that would fit in really well with a Dark Angels force, and well I couldn’t resist printing and assembling them.

If you’re old enough a veteran hobbyist you’ll remember some metal space marine captains that had lots of cool details (for back in the 90s). Take a look at this page and you’ll see what I mean. In particular the veteran captain with the bionic leg. Now I am not right at this point wanting to build a Praetor/Centurion/Consul/HQ choice – whatever you want to call it. I just wanted to create a funky veteran sergeant to lead my tactical squad.

At this point it would be really cool to introduce you too “Sergeant Bob, a veteran of the x crusade, injured playing football” but as you can tell I have not yet procrastinated that much to avoid painting.

He isn’t on the correct size base, just a spare 40mm I had at hand to stand him on next to one of his future squad (that I should have been painting). If you’re interested* in printing/building your own I thought I would share the links to the various STL used.

  • Legs, come from Mildseven’s bionic leg pack.
  • Torso, is from OHM’s captain model.
  • Arms, are OHM’s alternate arms.
  • Shoulders – erm bugger I cant find these exact pads at the mo. If I do find the link I’ll come back and edit this post (I thought they were from here, but looks like they are not).
  • Head, the current head is now been removed from sale, but I have not 100% decided on this head yet. There is almost limitless variety of styles out there to choose from (example, example, & example). I might even just use a head from the plastic mk iii kit.

I think he’ll make a cool little addition to the squad and add a little extra character (pun not intended) to them. Now back to painting these guys!

Thanks for reading – here is the usual affiliated links paragraph. If you’d like to support the blog, please consider making your own hobby purchases through one of the affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything, I just get a little commission which helps pay the WordPress fees etc. You can click the links below or the webstore banners on the site.

Element Games (get double element crystals using code DAV615), and The Outpost.

*Its interesting to see how 3D printing is becoming more and more accessible, to the extent that gaming stores are starting to sell them.

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