Warcry Quest

Warcry has proved to be a staple of a Tuesday evening’s gaming at Rogue Games. For a few weeks now, there has been talk about getting our Warbands questing for glory. A week last Tuesday night (yes its taken that long to get this written) Andy and myself embarked our warbands upon their Quests. In a characteristically last minute unorganised manner I had set up my campaign roster moments before leaving for the store, and quickly printed it, using GW’s Varanscribe.

I’m using my Splintered Fang warband for my first Warcry campaign quest, as a way to maintain my interest in them and finish painting the models (they are very nearly there as is). My Splintered Fang’s first quest was chosen based on how cool I thought the name sounded. Although I have flicked through most of the quests I couldn’t remember what the Fang quests were about so picking based on name seemed to be the best way to go.

Quest: Venom of the Gods

My roster is simply the starter box models, I only have the one box, and I assembled them to make a 1000 point warband straight out of the box, which made generating the roster really quick and easy.  

  • Ceto, True Blood Leader
  • Pytho, Snake Caller
  • Typhon, Pureblood
  • Cadmus, Vemonblood with spear and shield
  • Scythia, Vemonblood with swors and whip
  • Atalanta, Clearblood with sword
  • Butes, Clearblood with swords
  • Colchis, Clearblood with swords
  • Ladon, Clearblood with sword and shield
  • Slithering Death, some Serpents

Game 1: Splintered Fang vs Iron Golem

  • Deployment: Massacre
  • Victory: Shock And Awe – kill all the models forming the opponent’s Dagger.
  • Twist: Eager For The Fight – add 1 to the Move characteristic of all fighters this battle.

This was a good game, there was a lot of manoeuvring on both sides. A cat and mouse chase for each other’s Dagger. My Dagger was made up of Ceto, Scythia, Atalantia, and Butes. The highlight for me was Ceto almost one shotting the Iron Golem’s Ogor. The Ogor had previously lost 10 damage to other members of the Dagger, leaving it with 20 left. Ceto, eyeing up the weaker spots Ogor’s armour, worked a serpentine dance of death landing powerful precision blows at the neck, armpits and knee to bring the Ogor down – i.e. she rolled 4 critical hits for a total of 20 damage!

During the Aftermath sequence I end up with 9 Glory points for the Warband. Ceto and Typhon both earned a destiny level. During the search for artefacts I found some ‘Swiftwind Dust’ which I gave to Typhon to use.

Game 2: Splintered Fang vs Iron Golem.

  • Deployment: Massacre
  • Victory: Burn And Pillage – we each placed 3 objectives. At the end of each round we can each burn 1 objective in our control. First to burn 4 objectives wins
  • Twist: Insidious Malignants – if a fighter ends their activation withing 1″ of a terrain feature, on a roll of a 1 take 3 damage.

This was a scenario which I thought was going to go very badly for me, judging on set up and the units deployed on the table. However it ended up going on to a fight to the death, with both of us having burned 3 objectives each. Admittedly ending up going toe to toe with the Iron Golems after just squeezing Andy off one last objective wasn’t a fun prospect. I got lucky taking down the Ogor in the first game, surely I couldn’t repeat that feat with Ceto. The Iron Golems are not that easy to kill. However my leader got lucky again (so sorry about the dice Andy) but this time took out the Dominar and Drill Master. However, the Ogor got his revenge and turned Ceto into a greasy smear on the floor. The Ogor was the last Iron Golem standing, facing off against Typhon and Scythia – although we were all badly damaged. The prospect of an Ogor being able to use mutiple abilities was frightening, fortunately for me I managed to gain the initiative and Typhon and his poisoned blades went to work, earning his moniker ‘Ogor Slayer’. No mean feat taking down an Ogor, but as Ceto has been there, seen it, done it, got the t-shirt so to speak. I feel that Ceto has earned teh title ‘Forge Bane’ having bested the best that the Iron Golem forge masters have to offer. I’m sure these ‘titles’ will come back to bite me in the ass in the future 🙂

During the second game’s aftermath sequence I gained the full 10 glory points, and so I dominated a territory. Raising a Monolith to the Father of Serpents at a place called ‘Blood Catacombs’. All my fighters recovered and Scythia earned a destiny level. The artefact unearthed by my warband was the Jar of Chamon Glow Flies’ which I gave to Ladon to use with his shield ability.

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